Do you have a alt and if so what is it

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Do you have a alt on EMC

Yes, I have alts 24 vote(s) 75.0%
No, Non at all 8 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hello, it's just like the title says, I have seen many people with the same name and got confused of they're a alt or not, so I just want to ask all of you if you have an alt and if so what is it(Please be honest)
  2. ShyguytheGamer2
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  3. I can access 3 accounts. This account, TomvanWijnen2, and my sisters account, which name I'd like to keep as private as possible (so, people who know it, please don't say it :p)
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  4. Yes, I do actually own an alt, you might've seen it around.
    His name is... 607.
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  5. I have this one and BradBae (my bro)
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  6. FallenForever , but the name changes a lot

    * Waits for Hash to appear *
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  7. brooke1964 (only one)
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  8. My one is fairly obvious, although only a select few SMP8'ers have seen it in-game, and only five people have been told 'who' it is.

    I plan to keep it semi-secret until one of those people blurts it out either here, or somewhere else :p
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  9. The ways of the EMC'ers run dark and mysterious...

    You may not have realized this yet, and I know that knowing can be quite the shock, but truth of the matter is that in the end we're all ALT's. You read that right: even you! :eek:

    Some time ago our own Hashhog & PenguinDJ played an awesome trick / troll on the Empire which had pretty much most of us fooled, read about Hashhog's big announcement here. It's a classic! But the community started to dig deeper into the whole thing and eventually the dirty truth came out: in the end we're all Hashhog's alts :D

    Resistance is futile! :cool:

    Uhm, I'm pretty sure it should be the other way around though ;) That moment when ALT's start develop personalities of their own, eh? oh dear, we'd better run I suppose :)
  10. I may or may not have an alt. The world will never know... :eek:
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  11. I made my point on the OP. =P
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  12. I have around 11 accounts. Most are inactive :)
    Chopsie_ Is my main
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  13. hmm ill list the ones I use actively.

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  14. *Clears throat*
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  15. Cyber_Gram
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  16. OCBurgess99 (may be changed, not sure what to)
    And the rest? A secret :cool:
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  17. My alts are currently named TheHappyPlayer and TheGhostlyDeath, but those names are just temporary. They'll be going to back to their original names of TheApostrophe and SirHashhog soon enough, because those names are just too awesome not to use, right? :p
  18. I have 3 public accounts:

    I also have 1 secret alt that I use when I want some privacy/quiet

    What about PenguinDJ?