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Feb 14, 2017
Feb 16, 2015
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I just want to tell you how I'm feeling...You know the rules and so do I (Rick Roll) Dec 5, 2015

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Feb 14, 2017
    1. mercenaries2009
    2. batroach
      I just want to tell you how I'm feeling...You know the rules and so do I (Rick Roll)
    3. TheCrimeLime
      You have like a thousand threads m8
    4. UltiPig
      Why did you change your username? batroach was cool (it had no special characters)
      1. batroach
        I like to be king instead, but don't worry I don't like this user name either ill change it back when 1 month is due
        Dec 1, 2015
    5. Ethy202
      What is happening at 6 and 8 EMC Time???
      1. batroach
        it was finals event thing i think
        Nov 28, 2015
      2. batroach
        and at 8 I thought there was something, but I forget
        Nov 28, 2015
    6. ObscureGolem
      Payed! =]
      1. Bat_King35787 likes this.
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      3. ObscureGolem
        Access signs have to be on top of the chest (not on the side) =]
        Nov 25, 2015
      4. batroach
        oh sorry
        Nov 25, 2015
      5. batroach
        this should work now
        Nov 25, 2015
    7. batroach
      Thank you highlancer54
    8. highlancer54
      Thanks for the follow bat :) see ya around, and back at you!
      1. Carbhoe
        dat is sum dank imagery rite der m8 3kwl5me
        Nov 7, 2015
    9. highlancer54
      Hey, and a First to post! See ya around Batroach!
    10. batroach
      Being awesome
    11. batroach
      Some have know about me but I want to be really know for helping the server
    12. batroach
      I was scrolling down a minecraft list when I found Empire Minecraft it looked awesome and joined ever since then on the sumer of 2013
    13. batroach
      When I bought minecraft I was not into it at first but 1 year later, yes one year, I played minecraft and loved it
    14. batroach
      Hey every body I am new and willing to have fun
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