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    Do you think North Korea will follow through with its threats, or is it all bark and no bite? I think they won't, as deep down, even in the crazed minds of the North Korean government, they know, that the USA and its allies could wipe them off the Earth.
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  2. That maybe true that the USA and its allies could wipe them off the Earth. I think that they will come through with it. Koreans don't make promises that they can't keep. As I said, it could be true that the USA and its allies could wipe them out, but NEVER under estimate your enemy. Thats what happened during Vietnam, one of the United States worst defeats, as the expression says "Whats your Vietnam?". The U.S. went into Vietnam thinking they were hotshots, without knowing its geography or the harsh environments. Even though North Korea may not have enough power to destroy and the US has, the United States will not just obliterate a whole country, they will try to "invade" which may cause a lot of troubles.
  3. I feel a bit out of the loop, but is there something new being said from N. Korea?
  4. There is the possbility, Hopefully its all bark. If its not all bark, because they know that we could eliminate them, they could possibly try to crush our morale by attacking the more major countries.
  5. North Korea promised that they would kill all of its enemies. They said that they would launch a Nuclear Strike against the US.
  6. No its when the villagers are friendly during the day and killers at night what really killed the US.
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  7. How have i not heard of this ()_o
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  8. I know for a fact that N.K. will not follow through because scientists say that they do NOT have enough power to launch a missle to the U.S.A. I think that they will blow up trying.
  9. Oh XP Did that come from an official government source or just a rumor that started?
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  10. No, it was the geography and the harsh environments. Basically not knowing the country. Thats what happened when Napoleon Bonaparte tried to invade Russia and failed and when Hitler tried to back stab Russia during World War 2.
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  11. Yes, its all over the news.
  12. Those are good points, but even China, who is pretty much their only ally, is starting to back off of them. North Korea might also be doing this to try to hide their failing conditions.
  13. I guess I should pay attention to non-EMC news sources then XD
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  14. Some say is because of Hugo Chavezes's death :D
  15. Sadly for me, if war starts out, I was dumb enough to sign up for voting when I got my drivers license thus getting into civil service and being able to get drafted, which I think is what would occur if a war did start out.
  16. I also doubt that if they do anything, the first thing WON'T be a nuclear strike, they would most likely invade South Korea, restarting the Korean War, pulling the USA, Canada, South Korea, and many others back into a war.
  17. In more news, N.K has voided its Non-Aggression pact with S.K, AKA, the Korean War could start up right now.
  18. Do you think japan might get sucked into this? I mean, they don't have an offensive military but still... they're practically neighbors.
  19. I would expect that a forced draft would be sort of a last resort....hopefully.
  20. North Koreas main exports are empty threats and requests for food. All joking aside, I find it highly unlikely that North Korea would follow through with its threats, were it even able to. There weapons are top of the line. Well they were, in 1960. They have incredibly unsophisticated everything. I don't think they could e en bike a nuclear missle, let alone accurately guide one. Besides, they should know that any agression equals North Korea becoming a radioactive parking lot. Or just a conventional parking lot, more likely.