[Discussion] Merging 9 servers into 5

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What do you think?

Yes 23 vote(s) 28.4%
No 47 vote(s) 58.0%
Less than 5 5 vote(s) 6.2%
More than 5 6 vote(s) 7.4%
  1. One of the mistakes that I believe was made in the earlier days of EMC was the creation of so many servers with the specific reason being "why not?" At the time this was fantastic, but looking back on it now, it has divided us in-game into 9 different communities.

    Right now we have 9 SMP's, with maybe 100-200 on at peak time and 25 on minimum. With all these servers, unfortunately everyone is so spread out that as I said before, there's 9 different communities and depending on the server, at peak times a server can still be pretty quiet.

    How could we fix this? Merge the 9 servers, making 5 (or any other reasonable number) SMP's without necessarily grouping together consecutive server numbers, but even server populations.

    Utopia could not be Utopia, but instead: "Special.emc.gs" - including the game worlds, event locations, as well as the typical supporter Utopia.
    Taking the wild worlds, the residences and allocating them onto brand new servers, with the town being Plains by default and much bigger. Then discard the old servers. This is possible(?) but would be very difficult I'd imagine.

    To save all designated residence locations and outposts, there could be an "East" town/wild and a "West" side with each original server on one side. :)
    • Lower cost of operating all servers? Better for everyone
    • Much more community interaction
    • New members join and can see a lot of players on at any one time
    • Could be included with Aikar's plans for a better town world?
    • Confusion and disorientation for returning players and if they aren't very active, current players. Solution: A lot of warning on the forums and in-game
    • People who don't want outposts, ect. merging with a different town world for reasons not limited to their res being on that server.
    • If not multiple spawns, those with spawn residences on some servers could miss out on having them again.
    As always, please discuss and share your ideas/thoughts :D
  2. That would be a pretty huge change, and you know how people are about change and stuff.
  3. You mean to say people on EMC don't like change :eek:
  4. Well, as long as nobody's res is lost, it'll be fine, perhaps.
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  5. I vote yes to the dress.

    I believe Aikar said in an earlier post, he wanted to add a town 2 to the servers.
    EDIT: AND this requires mods to only handle 5 servers instead of 10-
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  6. For the wilds maybe have on for example the new server which first was snp1, 2 and 3, a wild/nether/end 1, 2 and 3. So no weird wild stuff has to happen.

    I do like the idea, but I'm not sure... :p
  7. I think if this change did happen it would have to be slow. Like the smaller servers merge into a bigger server, over the course of a few months, because it would take time to get used to, and if it happened all at once, everyone would be confused. Confused people are dangerous
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  8. I just noticed. Alex, what would happen to wild outposts?
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  9. I vote no, this would be a HUGE change and players on their community's on other smps I don't think would be pretty happy.
  10. I vote no. People have already formed the communities on each server and gotten used to those they normally play with. Merging servers would be similar to shoving everything in a blender and then sorting it out later. As for the no Utopia server, if there is no Utopia with its added perks for just gold and diamond supporters, then why are we going to want to pay any more than iron supporters? Utopia town is accessible to everyone, but the other planes attached to it are gold and diamond supporter only. I've noticed that this cuts down on the number of people there, but it also means we don't have to go 10,000 blocks from spawn to build something that we want to build.
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  11. i could see ways this could work. it would take alot of time on the dev teams part tho.basically you would split town along a line and put like smp1 on one side and smp2 on the other with a 120 by 120 town spawn. this way all the people with spawn reses have them and also it leaves room for more teleports to the different wilds.

    if aikar merged the wilds somehow it would be chaos in the nether....think about how many rail systems are on 1 and 2 now smash them together. me personally ive always been a fan of an all out wild reset to fix some broken leftover code from like 1.4 and before. so a reset would be the best option if we were forced to merge wilds. just give liek a month of free vault access and plenty of warning.

    again all of it would amount to a ridiculous sum of work however
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  12. If this happens and SMP2 is murged i'm gonna cry we have dug a 100x100 which needs to be 600x00 hole for our wild base....
  13. I agree that an enlarged community would be great, but at times it might be too big. How about a command allowing you to access different server chat channels?
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  14. This would be nice
  15. The EMC games we root for our favorite server it is fun i like it the why it is
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  16. /tells server-wide are planned, however yeah, global town chat would be a step towards a bigger community
    I added a section to the OP: There could be two sides, East and West basically so everything stays the same, just combined
    Utopia would remain the same, it just wouldn't be as much as a waste of resources because people could access games and events in its Town - the wild would still be gold/diamond only. :)
  17. I would agree,
    Ur why can't we just make a spawn server, which has places where you can teleport to whatever server, but chat is sent to that server and then sent on the other servers, so EVERYBODY on ALL servers would be able to talk to each other.
    Simpler than combining the servers.
  18. I don't understand how that would make a difference? :p We have /server, what we need to complete it is cross-server chat.
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  19. The one main problem with this that I can think of is player built structures, like outposts, grinders, and even properties. If the servers got merged together, where would these from the merged servers go?
  20. In the OP :)