[DISCUSS] Go GoPro? If so, which one?

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  1. Hey guys, I've been thinking about getting a camera to replace my iPhone when I do videoing and photography. One camera which has taken over the market as of recently is the GoPro, though I'm not sure if this is the way I should go, and if it is, which GoPro I should get.

    I want a camera which records in superb quality and can take decent pictures too. I mostly take videos of cars, which are usually moving around a track, so I'm not sure if using a GoPro is the best way forward for this. Do you think I could easily use a GoPro for this, are there any stands you recommend etc?

    Please tell me what you think of the GoPro cameras and if you think that I should get one. If you think I should get one, tell me what kind of one you think would be good for what I want to do and any other useful tips about them. Thanks everyone!

    Link to GoPro home: http://gopro.com/
    Link to GoPro cameras: http://shop.gopro.com/EMEA/cameras/
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  2. No. Canon or Nikon. GoPro is for more of a FOV for random things.
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  3. I don't have a GoPro but I do have a Veho Muvi NPNG that I got for 190 USD in a bundle that also had some mounts, head strap, waterproof case, and waterproof remote. The GoPros alone can go for over 200 dollars, not including any accessories. I watched some YouTube comparisons before I bought the Muvi and the video quality of the GoPro seemed about equal to the Muvi. These cameras are meant to be mainly action cameras. They take decent videos/photos and are very simple and easy to use, but don't allow much room to "grow" as a photographer.

    Have you thought about getting a DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex)? Basically-the bulky expensive cameras :p They are a step-up from the typical point and shoot camera but take remarkably better photos and video. They are quite a bit more expensive, but worth it. A GoPro has all Automatic settings, but DSLRs have a lot of great features if you are willing to learn.
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  4. I edit my photos after I've transferred them to my computer, so as long as it looks at something and can capture it, it's alright :p Not looking for anything really hard to use... Just something really good for taking videos, can take photos if you need it to and can possibly be mounted (so that I can put it on a/inside a car) :) (Needs good quality video preferably, so that's why I was liking the look of the GoPro!)
  5. Be sure to check out the Muvi NPNG before a making a purchase because there is a big price difference and not much difference in quality. I think the GoPro is a bit pricey for what you actually get. I think you will be happy with either one, they both are very nice. I can't wait to see some videos!
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  6. Is your Muvi NPNG good for point and shoot videos? The Muvi and GoPro are quite small so I'm not sure how it would fare for what I want it to do most of the time :) If it's not so good, do you think a stand would make it at all better?
  7. They are a bit shaky. By attaching the camera to your head (and possibly looking like a dork xD)
    it helps stabilize the camera and make the videos better. You could get a gorilla pod, if you are unfamiliar with these they are only like 20 dollars and have flexible legs so it can be used as a tripod or can be wrapped around something stable for better video
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  8. Hehe all because of me :D i have the hero 4 black and I regret none of the purchase. It is one of the wisest purchases I have ever made considering how much I use it and the quality, I would go with hero 4 black if you can afford it :) best bang for your buck
  9. Hehe all because of me :D i have the hero 4 black and I regret none of the purchase. It is one of the wisest purchases I have ever made considering how much I use it and the quality, I would go with hero 4 black if you can afford it :) best bang for your buck
  10. I was thinking a step down at the Hero 4 Silver if I was going for the 4 series, as it had everything I needed. What would you say is better about the Black as compared to the Silver? Also, do you have any point and shoot kind videos that you could share, and perhaps other photos that you have taken with it that you could post? Thanks Potato! :)
  11. I have a GoPro Hero 4 silver, and it's simply put the BEST action camera money can buy. I have an iPhone 5s, but the quality and size of the pictures/videos is pretty weak. I wanted something just as portable, but that could put out high quality footage. That is the GoPro. It's super portable, durable, and can get you VERY high quality footage (4k/30fps) without needing to lug around a DSLR. There's other action cameras out there, like the MUVI and the Sony Drift, but none of them have the versatility or variation a GoPro is going to give you. Also, the GoPro is so popular, you can get mounts for pretty much anything you can think of doing, and for pretty cheap. It also comes with a free video/picture editor, and you can control the whole camera wirelessly from your phone or tablet.

    As far as still pictures go, it does that pretty well too. It's not as great as a DSLR, but it's pretty dang close. The fish eye lens is awesome for catching an entire scene in one picture. For example You can get a shot of an entire basketball court while sitting in the stands. The one thing it does lack is the ability to take high def close up pictures. That's not really what it's built for, and you won't get very good shots. But, you can buy an after market lens case that gives it that ability if you want.

    You said you like taking pictures of cars, which I also like doing. I've done numerous exhaust vids mounting it on the back bumper, or mounting it on a friends car and doing fly-bys, ect. Like I said before, it's so versatile.

    Another huge plus is the durability. You can literally run it over and it'll still work. People have dropped them sky diving and recovered them with no damage. There's even a video of a Lion gnawing on one, and not breaking it.

    I take mine pretty much everywhere and use it all the time, snowboarding, longboarding, beaches, rock climbing, races, sports events, whatever. I can put it in my pocket.

    It is pretty pricy though, I spent $400 on the camera, and another $120 on a SD card, car mount, and a grab bag of off brand accessories. It was definitely worth it. The possibilities are endless.

    EDIT: Main difference b/w silver and black, other than the black being able to shoot higher quality at a faster speed, is the screen. The silver comes with a color touch screen on the back that you can watch, and look at videos and pictures that are on the SD. That pretty much made up my mind as it makes it 100 times easier to use. I'm currently going through some footage I've been meaning to go through, so when I'm finished i'll post it here so you can see.
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  12. Thanks for your post Just_So_Pro! Would you say that the editor that comes with it is easy to use? I want something that won't be too overly complicated, so if it's fairly easy to use then that's great. :)

    As for close up pictures, I can still do that with my phone as I have that with me, though this GoPro sounds pretty good for what I want it for. You think it will be good for recording cars as they go by? Would you suggest getting a mount for that?

    I've seen how durable it is, one video in fact of a GoPro (and its drone) getting hit by a truck, the GoPro then smashes to the ground and is carried along by several lorries/cars before scraping its way to the side of the road... It was still recording. The guy came over, picked it up and put it in his car. Really cool, so even though I'm not that clumsy with my electronics, if I ever am, I know I can count on this GoPro at least!

    Do you think you could also share some car videos and pictures? That would be great because if I get this one then I can see what kind of results I'll be getting. Thanks Pro! :)
  13. Yeah I can probably grab a few when I get home :) I would take the black over silver personally as it is the most recent model and highest currently, it records 4k at 60 fps which is big for me considering I have a 4k monitor :p also just a tip if you plan to record in 4k get a Sandisk extreme ultra plus memory card 32gb. Anything lower will make 4k choppy :)
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  14. I use CS6 and Vegas Pro for my pictures/videos, but the GoPro software is user friendly and will get you all the stuff you'll probably want.

    They use GoPros in Formula D, as well as on Rally Cars (They sponsor Ken Block) so yeah, it'll get cars flying by.

    I use the suction cup the most. As long as it's a smooth surface it'll stick and not come off until you want it to. I've had mine on my hood at like 120.

    I'll put up YouTube links of some car stuff as soon as I upload it.
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  15. It'll have to withstand a lot of forces at high speeds, so if you can keep it on there using the suction cup at high speed then that would be awesome :) I've seen videos of people using them on cars going around tracks so looks good!

    Thanks for the information! Quote the links when they are up, thanks again!
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  16. GoPros are used for sports and cool/random stuff (the high FOV feature is optional). If you want to record fast-moving objects, you can use the GoPro Hero4 and record a video at 1080p (60fps), or record a video at 720p (120fps).
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  17. Remind me later to get some pictures :p school work has got me caught up currently
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  18. *Tries to remember* :rolleyes:
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  19. I'm going offline until tomorrow so I'll check back up on the thread for these later :) Thanks!
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  20. Bumping! :D