/diff 10? Puh, way too easy :P

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  1. Hi gang!

    Did you know that when a scientist makes a discovery it will first need to be checked and reproduced by several other - impartial - scientists before it will be officially recognized? Well, now you do :)

    And it is for that reason why I asked the assistance of our very own TomvanWijnen to help me investigate just how useful the Empire Assistant actually is. In case you don't know about this: /assist new will give you one for free: your own soulbound compass. It can give you access to all most common commands when right clicking, and you can also use it as a compass which is totally awesome.

    But how usable is it against the hostile mobs in the wastelands? ... on /difficulty 10?! :mad:

    Well, walking around in the wastelands on difficulty 10 is actually quite easy!

    Not a mob in sight, what is the fuss all about anyway?

    We went out into the wastelands with nothing, and ended up punching some trees and making ourselves some tools and weapons. It didn't take long before we had a small camp set up and really started to wonder what the fuss was all about. This was way too easy :D

    The Dutch camp, out in the wastelands ;)

    But then it happened....

    Obviously, being a trained conspiracy theorist, I'm sure that the following events didn't have anything to do with our choice of difficulty nor with the fact that we were fighting mobs with a compass. Nah, it can't be something like that: it's too obvious!

    No, someone was out to get us, that much is sure for me :D

    A spider? Really?!

    It didn't take long before word of our investigation spread through the wastelands and the inhabitants all came out, they were really happy to see us. As you can see the Enderman here even brought us a gift! Just too bad that he decided to whack us over the head with it :confused:

    Then it finally occurred to me, we were doing this all wrong! You see, you need to right click to use the Empire assistant. I'm sure it has got to have some kind of protection option in there, time to put this to the test:

    Step one: Open assistant

    Step two: ???

    Step three: Profit!

    All my precious wooden tools... gone :confused:

    This is what it looked like on Tom's end:

    At least Tom managed to kill 2 zombies! :D

    And the morale of all this?

    Well, we have scientifically proven that the Empire Assistants are somewhat useless in the wastelands when used on their own. The good news is that they do show you where you died so that you can get your stuff back, the bad news though is that there's probably a bunch of angry mobs waiting for you so that they can beat you up again :eek:

    As shown on my colleague Tom's screen this was basically a leap into the unknown:


    TomvanWijnen & ShelLuser are highly trained professionals who had absolutely no idea what they were doing. If you try to follow our examples while properly preparing yourself you will most certainly die a lot of times while also risking to lose all your items and gear.

    So it might be best that you won't do that and instead leave the hard work up to us professionals.

    As said in the title: for us difficulty 10 turned out to be way too easy :rolleyes: And that's why we're now playing on difficulty 1 from here on. Not because we're scared, we aint' scared of anything :mad:, but to make sure that all of you other players out there also get your fair chance of killing some monsters as well. Probably better having them going after you than us anyway.

    I mean: we really don't need all this awesome loot, and I'm sure there are plenty of players who would die to get their hands on that awesome rotten flesh :D

    (that didn't quite came out as I intended it I guess, or maybe it did :p).
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  2. "highly trained proffesionals"??? Tom isn't even able to open a door properly...
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  3. See, this is how highly trained professionals deal with this kind of very dangerous events. :cool:

    Jij wel dan lol
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  4. weekend started early this week? ^.^
  5. Yes-indeedles! lol

    Gg Tomvan and Shel! That compass is the perfect battle tool!
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  6. I woke up and thought it was Friday so... :rolleyes:
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  7. Since my holidays have (practically) started, the only way of knowing which day it is for me is by checking on my phone :p
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  8. That was entertaining! Seems like I could learn some stuff from you two! Perhaps I should get on too one time once I've got weekend for 6 weeks as well ;)
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  9. *Tries challenge, dies by chicken*
  10. Wow, seeing this from ShelLuser I thought I would see a full detailed thread about diff 10 being too easy to abuse or some boss auto grinding stuff, then it gets weird and I skip to the end to see this :
    April fools in summer
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  11. April fools? How? This makes perfect sense, you just need to have some basic knowledge and experience to understand :cool:
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