[denied] Disallow players with less than 5 sign-ins to force claim

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Yes 9 vote(s) 52.9%
No 8 vote(s) 47.1%
  1. I know the title isn't very clear, allow me to elaborate.

    A while back I attempted to build a new shop despite IRL conditions, and as forseen, the thing fell through and I never really did much with it. That being said, it did belong to me and on a residence I owned. I could have done something with it in the future, perhaps.

    Insert PlayerX. PlayerX is a brand new player to EMC. Welcome!

    (before you read the rest I don't have any clue if there was an open residence on EMC at the time of this player joining.)

    PlayerX sees my derelict shop residence and forceclaims it. Oh well, I get what I deserve for not taking the time to maintain it.

    However, PlayerX joined EMC, say, 150 days, 5 hours ago.

    PlayerX's last sign in on EMC was 150 days, 5 hours ago.

    The residence my shop used to be on has been forceclaimed by a player who played for less than an hour, will probably never return, and the residence now sits empty.

    The suggestion I'm presenting is preventing players with less than 5 sign-ins (thereby eliminating a vast majority of players that never return) from claiming a derelict residence or create a solution to be able to "re-claim" a residence that has been claimed in a way similar to the story above.

    Note that such method may require a case-by-case basis.

    Also note that in the case of no open residences across any SMP, any player could claim a derelict residence in order to have a residence of their own.
  2. Only issue I could see is if you get an alt and want to claim a res near your main. If you have to wait too long you may lose it.
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  3. I can see that. Maybe have a system where you could "claim" a residence but not actually claim it until you could, if that makes sense.

    Also congrats on staff :D
  4. That was extremely bad luck. It would seem a very rare thing that a brand new player's first and only concern on EMC would be to forceclaim a new res (and know how to forceclaim a new res for that matter).
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  5. With some tweaking, it would probably be a good idea to add. I currently don't know how to solve kloned's problem, and think there probably are some others around there too. If I have the time to think about this later (I probably do) I might find a way to work around it without adding complexety.

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  6. -1 Vote to not be derelict, just vote or log in. Also, this would cause new players to lose interest because they can’t do anything on a plot they can call their own. And besides, a player could log off and re - log five times.
  7. +1 Because i've seen people who force claim res's and quit the next day then the person who's residence that got force claimed get angry and barely play because of that

    and with the alt you should be able to do a command that confirms you are an alt of an account by both accounts approving which can allow you to force claim if you know what I mean
  8. +1, I think that maybe for someone to be able to forceclaim a res, instead of relogging five times, they could be a member of EMC for a certain amount of time
    The idea that players join and then quit within the first 5 minutes makes me sad, and then when other people who have not been able to get on EMC for one reason or another finally come back only to find that the res they worked hard on has been forceclaimed, they just want to quit too. I understand that there are permanent direlect protection vouchers but they seem like a lot of work to get access to
  9. The only time I could see it being an issue would be if that new player has a friend that also lives on EMC, and wants to claim a residence that is closest to him. Being that there are so many residences on EMC that are derelict, the chance of your residence specifically getting picked to be erased by a new player is very slim to none, and new players are often told just to use "/v open" followed by "/res claim". I think that it was just bad luck that the new player chose to erase your residence for himself to claim.

    I'm kinda in between on this one.

    You said it. It took me some patience and time to finally get my perm derelict protection voucher, now I'm on an adventure for a second one, lol.
  10. yeah it took me about a year for me to get one so that can be a struggle
  11. I have to go -1 on this one because I can't help but wonder if the pro's really weigh up against the cons.

    See: there is a reason why new players can forceclaim a residence for free within the first few hours of gameplay; it allows players to move to a residence which they like better. Something this change would nullify.

    But my main problem with this is because it could severely hinder new players who got divided across servers. I've seen this happen quite a few times: a (new) player invites another player but gives them the 'play.emc.gs' link, as a result the other player ends up on a different server. However, they want to play together. At least play on the same server, but if it can be helped they'd also rather be neighbors.

    Well, not every residence is surrounded by other empty residences, but chances are decently good that some of the residences are derelict. Which the other new player could then immediately claim, and without any extra costs. Everyone happy.

    When following your suggestion the player would have to log in 5 times? I don't see the added value to be honest. What is stopping them from simply relogging 5 times? Or do you perhaps mean that they also have to wait for 5 days? But then you'd basically force them to pay 5k because they could no longer use their free forceclaim period.

    And why would a new player have to wait 5 days before he can move next to his friend?

    It seems a bit counter productive to me.
  12. +0
    I do agree with the idea of having some extra form of protection against force claiming, but I don't know if I necessarily agree with this idea
  13. -1. This is tantamount to a robbery of a player's function, and serves you right to not maintain something.
  14. Serves you right? The guy had irl constraints. Minecraft isn’t everything.
  15. Would it have killed him to download minecraft on a laptop and literally spend 5 minutes? If it did, I take it back.
  16. Woah. :confused:

    Anyway: I don't have anything to add to this discussion, I think. I am also leaning towards -1, though.
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  17. I like to vote, every day. That's pretty easy to do and will save your res. And you get some pretty good stuff too.
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  18. I hate when a new player forceclaims something like a public wool farm just because it went derelict. It happened on smp7. Luckily, it's being rebuilt.
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  19. +1 I've heard from a lot of people who have went derelict, and came back to find their res forceclaimed. It's quite annoying when a new player claims a res someone put a lot of effort into and never comes back. This probably happens pretty often because most new players quit.

    This suggestion probably sounds like it's contradictory to the purpose of the derelict system, but I think this would work since there seems to be a good amount of open reses.
  20. Not everyone has direct access to a computer or the internet 24/7. His laptop probably could've gotten busted, his internet could've been disconnected for a long time, or he could've been away from any access to these things for however long he's been away. Like Petezzadawg said, minecraft isn't everything
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