Decision of a Decade

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  1. Should I return?

    I know I have contemplated coming back now many times, I just want to know is the community worth it?

    I have exams now from today until 25th of June. I was wondering if I could get back into MC in a bigger way than I used to play it before, By this I mean a Youtube series on making my very own Empire inside EMC. There will come many community projects from this and many other things.

    Just want to see if I get a response from the place I used to call home which is EMC.

    Yours Alarm.
  2. Don't Do It!!!!! jk. That sounds like a great idea. Make sure to let me know where to find the videos so I can watch them.
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  3. Why not, just play on 3 :p
  4. Set-up on 5.
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  5. Move to 3....
  6. *8
  7. Yeah I think this is a great idea :)
  8. You've been missed! It'd be nice to have a long-time member come back to us. :)
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  9. I think that's not the right question to be asking ;)

    The community is definitely worth it, so is EMC itself. There have been lots of new features added over the past year, some new events got launched and others got updated and I think in general the community is as strong as ever. Plenty of veterans (seasoned EMC players) around to have fun with.

    But at the risk of sounding like a boring grownup (which I actually am; the grownup part, dunno about boring...):

    Obviously your studies are way more important than EMC. I'm not just saying that, but its simply true. So I think the question which you should be asking yourself is this: do I have enough spare time left for EMC, and won't my EMC responsibilities take over and intrude on my studies?

    If the answer is yes then sure!

    Heck, we have a community team which specializes in videos (not just youtube) and it's called the stream team. Even better: they actually do something from time to time :D

    So yeah, I'd say there are definitely plenty of options to get involved with EMC.

    Just my 2 cents here obviously!
  10. No he had it right the first time :p
  11. Yes you should come back, or, as Shell said, you should IF it is posseble with school and things :)

    One of the one of my favourites artist's songs is called "my two cents" (caro emerald)
  12. 5 is a good one. You can do a video of my haunted castle and scary minecart ride. An also of my amusement park. The shop is at 10959. From there you can see the haunted castle and amusement park. Talk to me in game and I will give you something good too.
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  13. I will too. I have an OP bow calling your name. Smp5 is a good smp I really think.
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  14. I think the it'll be time to turn back on The Alarm.
    Empire Minecraft will update to 1.9 anytime now. Version 1.9 is different from past versions of Minecraft.
  15. I feel that it would be worth it to come back. Though there are plenty of toxic individuals, this community is one that is warm and welcoming to everyone, whether new or returning. It's not our decision whether you should stay or not though, if after you return and aren't happy with how things are going by all means go and do something else. After I returned in the first of February, I contemplated whether I should have come back considering the circumstances of my absence. I mostly stayed because of damage fixes, if your reason for wanting to come back is a strong one, use that as your reason to continue to play. But you really have to ask yourself why you want to return. The idea of a YouTube series is very exciting, I also wish to know your channel so I can watch the whole thing. One idea for the series is if you can start it once the 1.9 update is dropped on the server, that way it the placement is somewhat professional. Collaborations can also help, every so often you can have a collaboration with another member or another person who's also doing a YouTube series. I hope these help!
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  16. HI Alarm. Nice to meet you. You should come back after your exams, anytime after the 26th of June would be great. :)
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  17. Cheers good buddy old pal.
  18. All us smp5'ers have been waking up late man! Where you been!? Come back and beep at us please :D
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  19. You can always take your time if the empire requires too much effort. Once your exams are over, come join us again! +1 :)