FireFloor Livestream - 10th March 2016

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    Thanks to everyone who joined us for the FireFloor livestream last night. We managed to be the MOST WATCHED stream on Beam at one point, and two of Beam's founders popped in to say hi!

    The stream was pretty much completely impromptu and not exactly planned, but it went surprisingly smoothly, so yay! :D Kinda forgot how much downtime Firefloor has, but we got through it - hopefully the giveaways made up for that. :p (also a huge thanks to each any every person who donated stuff to the giveaways - anything that wasn't given out I've got safe in its own vault page, ready for next time)

    If you missed the stream, the archive's below. If you don't feel like sitting through 2 hours of my reasonably annoying voice, then highlights will be up soon at some point.

  2. Awesome Stream Jack! Thanks for the giveaway!
    Willies won about everything:D
  3. had fun chasing you with a jack head
  4. Now this is why I like the Empire so much. You guys don't hide the past, you're not making excuses but you point your fingers on the sore spot(s) as soon as you can, sometimes even joke about it (like here), and dive in head first to try and make things better.

    Congrats, awesome news and I hope you'll continue expanding on your work!

    As to ad-hoc: the best ideas and efforts happen spontaneously. Not planning something will make it look much more real and believable, and then even silly errors can become enjoyable. Good show guys!
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  5. Great Stream, can't wait for the next one!
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  6. is that Jack doing the talking?
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  7. Yes that is Jack
  8. Jack is a girl??!?!?! :p
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  9. when chin dresses as you during the event to hide from jack
    ( and makes you dress as chin)
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