Dear Dufne...

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  1. Would you be so kind to tell your friend/foe (cross relevant) Facepalmrhy that he really needs his 8 dark oak logs and 16 birch logs?

    He is so stubborn and when I checked out his nick name history I knew you might be able to help out :)

    This is for the common good Duf!
  2. I see your no but know you mean yes? :p wait, you're not dufne :p
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  3. Can i ask how is this a "public discussion" and not a PM?
  4. Because I'm hoping to attract other players besides Dufne who will tell me "Yo, I'll send those logs to Facepalm, and see him go Facepalm". But I had to cover my tracks so to speak :cool:

    It's an SMP8 thingie (I think) :D

    I can also cover the mail costs! :)
  5. So you are wanting a service of someone to mail 2 stuff 4 you? Nice! Ehh need some sleep. I can barely see the ltters corretly in my phone... Ehh good luck i guess!
    Next time do this thing in the Business and Service portion of the threats
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  6. i think he's doing something called "messing around." you should try it, maybe your life will become a little less dull.
  7. Or maybe you just want likes :eek:
  8. Guys common you need to do witchcraft to summon the Dufne...
    /summon Dufne
  9. Oh sorry...
    Forgot to put
    "/sarcasm" at the end... I mean, normally i am sarcastic(in a humurous/friendly way) so the people i hang out with ussually know it...
    If you are wondering how is this sarcastic... Shell ussually helps new people have forum eticate(donno hiw to spell that). I found it funny to seem as i didnt get his joke because Dufne is one of my best friend in EMC. So as this thread related to smp8, smp8 people would get the inside joke i made... On the other hand...
    this part really ticked me off. You don't have the right to judge how any person lives their own lifes under any circumstances. Not even as a joke. I did not feel offended by this, but please take what the effects of your actions can make before you act...

    Ps. If i talk grumpy, i did not intend it. Ive only slept 4 hours in the last 2 days...
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  10. Ack! I'm sorry, I didn't see this earlier. :( I was out from 5am until now and I'm completely and utterly exhausted. Looks like Ky took care of it, but I'll be sure to send him a buttload of logs later :p
  11. You made...

    ...a thread on this?

    By the way, if anyone mails me logs, I will just send them right back.
  12. Everyone mail him DCs worth :p
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  13. I have many log from my tree named sam i will name him logs named sam yus
  14. ...could you please give my a cookie?

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  15. Well, if there's one thing you can say about Dufne its that she's reliable and follows through!

    Unfortunately after more than half a year Rhy has finally caught up with me:

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  16. Speaking of witchcraft shels just revived this thread xD
    /summon thread

    (Not like i can say anything i revive threads all day xd)