Curious bout smp9ers thoughts :)

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do you care bout this "war"?

yes, i believe what ben says 8 vote(s) 12.5%
no, i dont believe this 20 vote(s) 31.3%
what war? 36 vote(s) 56.3%
  1. This is for all of smp9 to see who actually pays attention to benthebobjr's ramblings bout war and a "split smp9"
  2. added note, all smp's can fill this out if they want to :)
  3. I agree with everything Ben says!
    Ad Victoriam!
  4. Someone committed treason and it is the duty of the SMP9 Imperial Military to handle it! I never said SMP9 would split into war I said we would stop you from winning! You started the war Sparticals after all the attempts at peace I made. My organisation represents SMP9 so in declaring war against us you declared it against SMP9. As always I must say it is never to late for peace.
    Ad Victoriam!
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  5. i must request all political comments to stay out of this forum plz :)
  6. i would like to know that as well, k tnx bye <3
  7. As long as you guys keep the Frontier out of this I'm happy. SMP9 is a really fun place to be, both Aya and myself are always having a great time in the SMP9 Frontier while playing survival & working out my EMC fantasy story (which is going to be rebooted this week). All SMP9 (wasteland part also happened on SMP9) :)

    My advice: Make friends, not warcraft. You'll have much more fun that way :)
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  8. This war was started by Brooke1965 declaring war against the SMP9 Imperial Military, the frontier shall be safe though don't worry.
    Ad Victoriam!
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  9. true ^u^ (to ShelLuster x3)
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  10. <3 how most people have no idea what war this is referring to.
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  11. lol you mean me trying to do different things, and not wanting to join your little club?
  12. *sigh*

    Thought I finally found a peaceful smp...

    Apparently not...
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  13. it is peaceful, just gotta ignore some stuff lol
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  14. i agree, its litteraly just benthebobjr and his friends making smp9 life difficult
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  15. Which is why a few others and I are working on getting rid of SMP9, and texas but that is another reason.
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  16. Brooke you started the war by declaring yourself an enemy!
    Ad Victoriam!
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  17. if ya get rid of smp9 then this will end up on another server XD, might as well keep smp9 so your smp doesnt have to deal with it lol
  18. and ben, i said no political comments on here XD