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  1. The Private Conversation element on the website is limited to 11 players, as sometimes is the case when you want to add another member when all slots are full someone has to leave in order for someone else to be invited.

    I know this facility may not be used to this extent very often, recently though a group of us using it where wondering if it is possible to increase the number of people that can be included in a conversation.

    We find it a great way for planning things as a group of players.
  2. This'd be great and wouldn't even take minute to implement :p
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  3. Based off of this I was thinking that you could have a bolt on site that could have additional features such as that suggested here.

    Would that be possible Aikar?
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  4. I would like to see this done myself. It's limiting when trying to plan a large scale event that's not really public.
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  5. This feature is a simple permissions change in the core software, it doesn't require its own add-on.

    Any additional features could probably be added very quickly through an add-on.
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  6. Actually, the current xenFero version is outdated =p
  7. Yeah we know. That's on the list.

    As for the topic of this thread, what amount of people are you looking to invite to a conversation? I can manually do it for you if anything.

    Edit: I think there is a way to bypass things =P
  8. Hmm, couldn't you give all players the ability to JUST override convo invites and only add?

    Or, would it have to be a more complex system?

  9. I could use about 5 more slots. Total of 16 people.
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  10. So I found the bypass. Had to make sure it worked for everyone.

    In your browser bar (where you type can't think this morning), type the following:,name2,name3,name4,name5,name6...and so on. Capitals do not register.

    So an example would be:,b4dman5imon,rainbowchin,bigdavie,dwight5273,mrsocks75,ahksel,aphaea,alexchance,blackknight1021,luckygreenbird

    It bypasses the amount and is pretty nice to have for large groups since you can save it in a word doc or something.
  11. But, is there a way to add more people?
  12. There probably is, but that's a workaround for now until I can ask Aikar/find it myself. I know I can add more people manually if people require it.
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  13. Now I've seen everything. A server owner / senior official "hacking" * their own server and sharing the trick with the community :cool:

    Thanks for sharing this Kryssy.

    * (I'm one of those old scholars who still thinks differently on hacking and cracking)
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  14. This is what it looks like to edit:

    Since when was abusing a bug hacking? EMC is running an old version of Xenforo. Kinda expected to have quite a few bugs.
  15. Hm, I'm not too sure. Maybe it could be upped to 20, but I think it shouldn't be more than that.
  16. Well, this feature would be.. VERY useful to me since I am running an EMC company with more then 10 members..
  17. More than 20 might be needed as some people have companies, and businesses that require more than 20 participants, I agree that there should be a possible limit but perhaps an option to PM a Community Manager to add more players to the convo could rectify this issue? As krysyy stated above she'd be more than happy to do it for players who require it.
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  18. I would need more then 20 =p
  19. Tnx krysyy that will be helpful