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Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Aikar, Aug 16, 2013.

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  1. All,
    While i'm sure there are many things you would love to be improved about the forums, sadly we do not have the capability to improve the forums really.

    We use a forum software called Xenforo, it is not written by us. This means we do not have much control in how the forums themselves behave.

    So not much can really change on the forums, such as filtering auctions from Recent Activity etc.

    About the only thing we can do is install new modules or make custom modules (such as Leaderboards).

    If you have found a premade Xenforo module that you think would benefit the Empire, then please post that, but otherwise most small changes to the forums simply will not be possible.
  2. Aww... But I'm sure some people will suggest to change websites, but XenForo is fine... I can't imagine ICC going back to New Member... Lol
  3. Is it possible to update the Empire Guide with all the new features?
    currently there is a lot of material that is not included within the guide.

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  4. We are working on a Wiki. :)
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  5. Ok, thanks for letting me know.
    If you need any help filling it in just let me know...

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  6. They're not modules, they're add-ons. And according to the XenForo developers, add-ons can change any parts of the website you want.

    EDIT: I'm not trying to encourage people to make suggestions that you don't want, I'm just saying :p
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  7. Is it possible to make a private thread that only a selected group can see?
    Is it possible to make a group chat where you can add new people for unlimited amount of time and edit the main post?
  8. I believe there are plans for this, after Empires get released. Not exactly, of course, but it will be pretty much the same.
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  9. ^The editor sets won't work since they're for the text editor in 1.2 and later, we've still got the original 1.0 text editor.
  10. love the optional timer
  11. To be 100% honest I think it would be at the bottom of any list and forgotten, they have too many higher priority things. Looks useful though :(
  12. This needs a bump, for the community :)
  13. It's stickied, so it's always at the top.
  14. But* no one posts on here - cause it doesn't have recent comments | If people wait too long, most people get afraid to comment because the bottom in red says 'This thread is old - It would be rude to post'
  15. Just wondering if the Empire could add some sistom of jobs into the sever so that people can hire other people to do one or two odd jobs in there restarndents for a petard of time and then move on to the next job and the employer can not be robed from employee.wether the employer is in game or not and the empire can make some jobs too thank you.
  16. Please make separate threads for suggestions. :) While it's here anyway, though, this would not be added unfortunately. It's unnecessary as you can simply ask for people to do jobs with the same effect, being that the protection you mention is pointless to introduce.
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  17. Firstly how do you make a new thread next is that one of the things I think of when I say Empire is people paying other people to do some odd jobs for them who ever they are for money. Also that means the Empire can make A. There own farm and B. a army to real make it sound like a real empire also makes forth a new way to make money when shops aren't that sectsesfull in making you money and sorry if this tribes you it's just an idea you can just say no and it will be fine ok.
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