[CONTEST] Super Bowl 50 Predictions

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  1. Denver Broncos or Carolina Panthers? Who will walk away with the title, rings, and trophy?
    With the big weekend finally here, it's time to see these two great teams go head to head.

    Before Sunday, there's still plenty of time to do research and participate in EMC's first ever Super Bowl Score Prediction Contest. The grand prize of 250,000r will be split among the players that predict the final score ahead of the game on Sunday most accurately. That is to say, the closest without going over.

    There is no cost to enter, so consider this like a free betting game everyone can participate in. No alts though please. It's not fair to others.


    Once the game starts, predictions are considered closed.

    Fill out the form below with your predictions (so no one else can see) and let's see who among us is psychic (or just lucky) :p


    EDIT: As a newbie to football, I will have to learn how this point thing works.
    EDIT2: Alright, I just sort of picked 2 random scores.

    But yeah, it's obvious who the winners will be.
  3. Ew politics. Even though I am a Patriots fan, I'm glad they didn't make it to the super bowl. Carolina is too tough. They will smash the Broncos. (And then I have to listen to the angry yells across the street, it comes with living in CO haha)
  4. Know nothing about this but might as well have a random prediction
  5. Sports. :oops: Not my thing
  6. I have next to no clue how American Football works/what scores usually are... but google is my friend ;)
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  7. Prediction made. Though it's not who I WANT to win, sadly. Either way, I hope all my fellow EMC residents have fun on Sunday, enjoy the game and parties, and are safe.
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  8. This is an interesting one. I haven't the slightest clue about this sport, but it's worth a shot. :rolleyes:
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  9. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!! I am hoping they win...but I kinda doubt them :(
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  10. I did something around 40 for both. probably a ridiculous guess but :p
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  12. Stupid builder, fixed
  13. That's not even what you put =P

    Please don't post score predictions regardless.
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  14. This is going to be fun. Will make the super bowl party even more fun for me to watch with the fam!:p
  15. I'm looking forward to this game. It should be a good one no matter which way it goes. Fun contest! Thanks :)
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  16. I say broncos will lose
  17. i am predicting Denver Broncos because i watched one of there games before and they rock and smash there opponents.
    and i would also like to win those 250k. :D
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  18. my prediction for the super bowl is as follows:

    Colonel Mustard
    Dining room
  19. Mine is kind of obvious ;p
  20. I don't know enough about this stuff to make a good guess :p Just picked 2 random numbers.