[Contest] Story time with Deathtomb!

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  1. Welcome to Deathtomb's story time Contest!

    Today I will be hosting this contest, where you the author get to write up a short story. The only thing I require is that the short story and that it involve either of the following.

    1. The story must involve people from EMC. It must relate to EMC in some way or another. It may be fiction or non-fiction.

    I expect the story to follow a few characteristics of a good short story. You can find what I’ll be looking for in each short story below.

    ·Interesting plot
    ·well developed and appropriate structure
    ·Clearly recognisable climax
    ·Satisfying ending
    ·Effective use of language in word choice and imagery
    ·One or two well-developed characters

    ·Strong themes

    All stories must abide by EMC rules this mean's keep them PG13

    I want to see time well spent on this and not just something thrown together in a rush.

    -Write a short story including thecharacteristics that I am looking for.

    - Story must be turned it to me privately by starting a conversation with me here on the forums

    1. Title the convo -Short Story.
    2. Ill add your name to the list of writers which can be found below
    3. Once you have been entered into writers list you'll be given an email to which you can email your short story to once complete.

    Submission deadline June 1st 2014.
    - You may enter at any time but all stories must be entered by June 1st 2014.

    Winner announcement July 1st 2014

    Private prize 300000 rupee along with a Deathtomb8953 head.
    -I’ll be picking 1 winner by me, that meet my wanted characteristics stated above. Once I have posted the winning short story. I’ll give a detailed list as to why and how they won.

    Public prize is as follows

    1st place - 100000 rupees along with a Deathtomb8953 head

    2nd place - 50000 rupees along with a Deathtomb8953 head

    3rd place - 25000 rupees along with a Deathtomb8953 head

    Public Voting on 10 top stories that me and my judges will pick. This part is simple we take 10 stories of our choosing that have met my standards and a new thread shall be made and voting on a pole shall occur.

    Thread will be made July 1st 2014 and voting will end august 1st 2014.

    Disclaimer Any and all stories submitted to me for the purpose of this contest are going too posted for public view at some point in time. I’ll be allowed to post stories publicly without the author’s permission. Determination of the private winner is going too based on what if deem have met the above posted requirements.

    Once a player has entered their name will be listed below.

    Once a player has submitted their story, it'll appear as this.
    1.Deathtomb8953 - submitted

    Writers Entered Moved to 3rd post as i was unable to expand the text further for this one!
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  2. Yush! (definitely will enter)
    but isn't June kinda far away?
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  3. The time line is set to give everyone the time needed to write well-structured short story and give me time to read and review each and every story entered. I’ll be going each one in detail and if I get half as many entered as I suspect it'll be a lot of reading and reviewing

    Writers Entered
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  4. Ah, well, expect something from me soon! :D
    (Soon may actually mean in a while :p )
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  5. Are there any word-limits on the 'shortness' of the story?
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  6. Count me in! I love writing and I have been looking for something like this too see what others think of my stories.
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  7. I am so in.
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  8. Nevermind, I sadly am not going to be able to participate.

    btw deathtomb, should the story follow the PG 13 rules of EMC?
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  9. none
    was counting on that
    yes ill go ahead and add that in
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  10. lool if you didn't see this thread (even though its on the front page) i was going to pm you :3
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  11. Ill enter. What is the length requirement?
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  12. Yus, you can count me in. I shall write the best story evah! :D
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  13. Before I enter. Can I use a character that was banned?
    Edit: before anyone says stupid stuff to me if I win which I expect my money is never to be used for fun and to support my struggling res
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  14. I know you're joking, but I'll say this to everyone in perfect seriousness:
    If the thought of entering my writing intimidates or discourages anyone else from participating, I will gladly withhold from doing so.
    Anyone who's spoken with me knows, I encourage people to write for themselves, and I'm always eager to see others' works. I would love to see this contest bring a whole slew of new EMC authors out of hiding (and hell maybe give my bookstore some friendly competition)! I want to see a lot of people enter this - maybe even more than Deathtomb does - and have their work recognized.
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  15. And, so should you, everybody has an equal chance, and should not feel discouraged. :)
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  16. great I am attempting this :p good luck and all and thanks deathtomb
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  17. yes provided the story line follows EMC rules

    Yes i encourage every one to enter, and wont exclude anyone for any reason.
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  18. I will make a story that might or might not contain or be about a certain fruit.
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  19. Sweet-sleet of super silly... Ok I give up on alliteration, but anyways Sweet!
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  20. as long or as short as you like provided you can meet the requirments
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