[CONTEST] Pumpkin Carving 2017

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  1. Pumpkin Carving Contest 2017
    Contest Winners Announced!
    Lot Assignments for Registered Participants: CLICK ME!

    You will work to carve out a pumpkin into a design of your choosing. Everyone will start with the same pumpkin on the residence and will only be given destroy perms. If you participated in the 2015 Chisel Me This contest, you'll understand. No partial resets. If you mess up and want to fix it, only a full reset will be allowed. So be careful and watch those mistakes! You'll also be responsible for hollowing out your pumpkin design, so plan for this.

    All sculpting will be completed with dirt and transformed into finished pumpkins on the eve of All Hallows Eve (October 30th)!

    Who can enter?
    One entry per person. Only one account will have access to destroy the residence. No alts allowed. Family members on the same IP approved on a case-by-case basis through a pm with Krysyy directly.

    Where will you build?
    There are a total of 81 residences available for this contest. Therefore, the first 81 people to register will be the ones to participate. Once your application is approved (confirmed to be non-alt spam), you will be added to the list below. At this point, you are confirmed as a participant in the contest. If you have to drop for any reason, please let Krysyy know via a direct message to pmcm.emc.gs.

    When will you get access?
    The residences will not be available to start sculpting until September 24th. Design of the pumpkin will be revealed before or on September 24th.

    What will you win?
    As with all of the Empire Contests, we usually give out a special one of a kind item. That particular item is still in the decision phase. In addition, there will be large sums of rupees and possibly some other items involved in the prize pool. We ask that any donations be sent to the winners directly after they win, so as to prevent issues with tracking these.

    1. Tah2
    2. Jay2a
    3. Floorfne (until they change their name again)
    4. K9J
    5. srhoel
    6. Sportaflop
    7. _Levy_McGarden_
    8. Skeletin007
    9. Paranoid_Android
    10. Bitemenow15
    11. cubefragment
    12. ShyGuytheBanana1
    13. Gramercy
    14. SeflYT
    15. MoreMoople
    16. JohnKid
    17. LongJohnSlvrs (Slvr)
    19. We3_MPO
    20. Perez2428
    21. ItsMeMatheus
    22. chespinLover77
    23. CDJS
    24. MahoganyMal
    25. AncientTower
    26. The_D1rt_Lord
    27. OracleMask
    28. PupInAction
    29. vortixin
    30. PetezzaDawg
    31. High_Jacker
    32. Naekal
    33. Wyvern26
    34. RainbowPony
    35. allicanto
    36. Sazukemono
    37. Scarmanzer
    38. ICantHitAnything
    39. R3D5TON3
    40. TheBoracle
    41. SageCREEPER
    42. FoxyRavenger
    43. HannahEB
    44. b0bbythebuild3r
    45. N0TSURE
    46. CloverOcean
    47. zomberina
    48. lukariobro
    49. novakenny
    50. TheBidule
    51. Roslyn
    52. PhoenixAffinity
    53. MrCDub
    ... to be continued

    Apply Below!
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  2. Oh dear... I wonder how accurately I could punch a hole in these xD
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  3. Woot :eek: I love it! I can't wait for this to happen sounds like fun and a lot of laughter! Thanks a bunch excited to carve some scariness! :rolleyes: Thank you all'!
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  4. *inhales*
  5. If you would stop changing your name I'd be able to send you a message to make sure you saw it ASAP =P
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  6. lmao, I love this survey. :p This made my night so much better. :p

    I wonder, will it be a full residence (like the Chisel me this from 2015) filled with dirt/pumpkins, or just a part of the residence?
  7. Full residence with a giant dirt pumpkin on it for your carving pleasure.
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  8. Cant wait lol, I'll try my best to punch some decent holes into that pumpkin!
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  9. I think I might try this
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  10. I don't have the patience or skill to do this but I look forward to seeing all your entries :)

    Good luck!
  11. yolo i entered
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  12. .... can't attend...

    must wait in the pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin To return...

    - Charles
  13. Removing dirt, I'm not terrible at that. This might actually be a contest I can do!
  14. Nice, I can actually participate in these now :p
  15. Wait it's a dirt pumpkin? :eek:
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  16. Just signed up, should be fun.
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  17. I, I I have to remove dirt?? :(
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  18. Looks like a neat event~
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