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  1. Now, my fellow EMC people, I ask you this. Who do the following Elfin accounts belong to?
    • ElfinPineapple
    • ElfinCookie
    • ElfinCarrot
    • ElfinPitaya
    • ElfinParasite
    • ElfinBrocoli
    • ElfinBanana
    Now there are a great many theories to who exactly are these creatures, and I have compiled a list of them all. I shall not say which is correct, but I will say this: Carrot.

    • ElfinCarrot is the alt of ElfinPineapple, created after ElfinPineapple needed a new minion
    • ElfinPineapple is the alt of ElfinCarrot, ElfinCarrot actually having an alt that he used to join EMC first named ElfinPineapple. Realizing the popularity of that account, he changed his main account to match it and joined EMC
    • ElfinPineapple and ElfinCarrot both own ElfinBanana and ElfinCookie, while ElfinParasite was actually a fungal infection of ElfinPineapple's foot that grew into it's own entity
    • ElfinBanana owns ElfinCarrot who then in turn owns ElfinPitaya who was grown in the garden of ElfinBrocoli. ElfinCookie however, was actually baked in an oven and pulled out by ElfinPineapple.
    • ElfinParasite and ElfinBrocoli both own all of the accounts, ElfinBrocoli running ElfinCookie and ElfinParasite, who then runs ElfinPineapple. ElfinCarrot is the leader of an armed rebellion, their main force consisting of Squashes and Admiral ElfinPitaya
    • All of these accounts are seperate accounts, all mind controlled by the hivemind
    Now I ask, Empire Minecraft
    Who is, the True Elfin?

    Jk just a prank bro you got served hehehe ggeeettt dunked on you just got john cena'd sucka thats right i prank yo' soul how does it feel huh? feel good?

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  2. All are Alts of Aikar
  3. feels right in the feels
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  4. :oops:
  5. It has to be true. When I first stepped onto EMC I saw no Elfins and no Pineapples, then Elfin joined as well and not much later the whole thing started. Can't have been coincidence :D
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  6. Shut up, whoever said they're Aikars alts. They're all Hash's alts!
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  7. .. wait what? :confused: I thought Hash owned and ruled the server cause you know... bacon. :oops: But then again what goes with pork better than anything? :eek: Pineapple!!!
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  8. Hashhog. Hash. Hashbrowns. McDonalds. Ronald McDonald. McDonald. MC. Minecraft. Empire Minecraft.
    Hashhog is ruler, confirmed
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  9. It all makes sense now :p
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  10. I legitimately thought you were Elfin(Pineapple)'s alt when you first changed your name :p
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  11. But where does elfinpineapple0 fit into this equation? Is he the long lost brother, lost at birth during a jelly making accident? Raised by Pixieturnips but knew he did not fit in. Found his way home by luck, when after being crowned ugliest Pixieturnip at the county fair he ran behind the tent in tears. He tripped over a caramel apple and fell, rolled down a hill and landed in the middle of his Elfin family who recognized him right away by the way he was staring at their bacon and waffles. He was Elfinpineapple0
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  12. EffinBatman was actually once ElfinBatman. He was a Batbush raised in Gotham City who wanted to get away from his ElfinHeritage. So he changed his name to EffinBatman to further distance himself, eventually changing it once more to TheDarkModRises
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  13. =o =o =o all this time... right under our very noses.
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