Congrats to JDHallows, EMC's Newest Senior Staff!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Apr 25, 2018.

  1. I love that gif! Rofl!
  2. Oddly enough, I was actually thinking yesterday that JD would make a pretty solid SS. Not as fantastic as my beloved B4DMAN5SIMON (praise be), but pretty dang good.

    Well done JD, I have every confidence that you will do this job quite well.
  3. I could say something similar. At one point earlier this month, I was very curious if we'd get any more moderators, developers, or senior staff for April, because we got three new moderators in October and two new moderators in January.
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  4. *My res and I
  5. Another one to go to to bother about road edits and whhat not :)
    Gratz on minty :p
  6. Congratulations JD :)
  7. congrats! you deserve it :)
  8. Congrats JD! Another one to do my road edits :D
  9. Great to see JD, you'll do great!
  10. Big congrats and welcome JD :D

    aw yis i'm no longer the new SS
  11. :o

    That's great! :D
  12. Congrats JD!!! :D Very well deserved!

    I am actually really happy with this choice :D, was hoping for JD to turn minty! Actually, I even predicted it :cool:!
    Promotions are fun! :D
  13. Totally coincidence, but interesting to see we subconsciously follow a pattern.
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  14. Gratz JD, now you owe me a reg -100r JDHallows staff head and a new Zero R Mint Head. :p
  15. I'm honestly not surprised by this choice. I was thinking there may be someone new soon, and JD was definitely a prominent name in mind.

    I'm sure he'll do great things as a fresh toothpaste. :3
  16. Whoop whoop! Congrats JD!! =)
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  17. Woooo! Congrats JD!:D
  18. Congrats, Jhall
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