[COMMUNITY] Mumble With Us!

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  1. After reading this amazing post by southpark347:

    I decided to make an official thread to explain further how to download and install Mumble so here it is =)


    How to Get Mumble?
    Mumble download: http://mumble.sf.net
    Mumble server: emc.gs
    Mumble port: default (auto filled in)

    Screenshot at 21-37-57.png

    Screenshot at 21-33-58.png

    In order to maintain good communication with everyone, please change your audio settings to be push to talk following the instructions below.

    Screenshot at 21-30-32.png

    Screenshot at 21-30-58.png

    Also check out the Mumble Headquarters (work in progress) on smp8 (res 16003), created by the EMC player and Mumble user darksuperlord. Here you can interact in-game while you hang out in Mumble.

    Have fun and make new friends today by joining the Empire Minecraft Mumble Community! :)

    Screenshot at 21-30-10.png
  2. Pretty great thing
  3. :D gotta love mumble
  4. Mumble is good :D
  5. For the record, I joined mumble today and really like it. Its a great way to meet and talk with our staff and other fellow community members. If you don't want to talk, you don't have to, you can just type messages and still have a good time with everyone.

    Hope to see you on Mumble soon!
  6. You should probably sticky this thread on the "Empire Help & Support" section. :)
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  7. Downloaded it, hopefully going to start to use it soon. :)
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  8. Very cool. I will be using this. This has been an idea for a LONG time. I am glad that the admins now finally see how useful it really can be. :)
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  9. We have actually had it for a long time. The only thing new is that I am making a post about it.
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  10. Well thanks for putting a post about it. I am unaware of these things unless it is posted on the website. Anything else that is going on that I might not know about?
  11. Go check the community section of the wiki. I think there are steam groups, etc as well.
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  12. I Got Mumble Its Sweet
  13. Would the mumble channel also be used for interviews for staff positions and whatnot? Or will it stay strictly to the resume? Just an idea. :)
  14. Woo! More Mumble users to talk to!
  15. When I was first brought into mumble, I was very self-conscious and too shy to talk and converse with everyone, but now am a regular mumbler and get along great with everyone! A great way to meet an amazing group of people :)
  16. as far as I know, it is not used for any of this
  17. No, we will stick to the application and the profiles on the forums and square for that. Mumble is meant to be an atmosphere where you can interact with the staff team informally. :D
  18. I downloaded the Mumble jar, but I can't figure out how to use it.
  19. double click it, it should should run an installer for it
  20. are you using chrome? if so click on the downloaded file at the bottom
    If you arent using chrome, locate the file in your downloads folder and double click it