Mumble! & Your favorite staff members!

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  1. Ever wanted to be more connected to Empire Minecraft? Ever wanted to hear something real funny? Ever wanted to talk to your favorite staff members and hear their wonderful voices! (RainbowChin has yet to speak more >:) )

    Come join us Now at!
    EMC Mumble Page here with Link to Mumble Site:

    Join today! Aikar has a voice! :DDD
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  2. I have to say, I was disappointed to find out aikar is not a robot (or has a robot voice).
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  3. Ended up getting a majority of the staff in here and a Ton of players, had lots of fun chatting and just good old times!
    Mumble is open 24/7 for any and all who want to join it on EMC c:
  4. hmmph, I spoke -_-


  5. don't feel bad rainbow... i haven't spoken on there at all :p
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  6. Don't you need a good microphone for this though?
  7. Not necessarily, any microphone will work (I believe). Just better quality microphones will produce better audio. :)
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  8. Same, I've been on there a few times, haven't talked once yet :p
    Apparently I sound like a robot :p *glares at Jake*
  9. I used to never speak but go on alot. Now I am hardly on and when I am I dont really speak, I only get interested to go on mumble when there is people on that I want to talk too :D
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  10. You don't want to talk to me? =(
    (i'm gonna go cry in a corner now)
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  11. Still a shame they went with Mumble. I'd be on 24/7 if it was RaidCall, or I guess even maybe Ventrilo, but mainly RaidCall.

    I dunno if it's allowed but maybe I will make a RaidCall for EMC, I'll ask Aikar about it. But nothing really beats it, the quality is amazing in comparison to the other VOIP options, while at the same time using the least amount of bandwidth and resources.
  12. Maybe I'll go on and not say anything sometime... Sounds fun, but I don't wanna reveal my voice. :p
  13. Were not looking for other servers, we don't want to fragment the community for voice chat.

    Mumble is free and works on every major OS. Never heard of RaidCall and hard for me to want to use something I can't even use myself haha.
  14. You can also just type if you would like and listen to all of our voices instead.
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  15. Krysyy, in captains defense, you are very scary.

    *hides in corner
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  16. *watches thread to check this out some time in the future :D
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  17. Mumble is fun and a great way to get more involved with the community! :)
  18. Mumble is the best place ever
  19. Ah yeah I forgot it was Windows only, dang. I just like it because it's free to make a room and a room holds 10,000 people which is virtually unlimited in almost any situation lol.

    But I guess I can check out Mumble, it's been forever since I used it.
  20. I do, its just whenever I go on your afk :p