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  1. Hello fellow imperials. I am Amadai, the event organizer!I'm here to fill you in on all of the past, current and upcoming events, staff or community led. This thread also has tips for creating contests and events, and applications to get those events supported by the EMC staff.
    This thread will be updated frequently with new events and contests, so check back often!

    Ongoing Events
    Scarligmione's landscaping contest - [Link] - February 6th-21st. Voting now!
    Jabrzer0's redstone circuit contest - [link] - Feb 24th - Mar 14th.
    TonicThunder's EMC Spotlight and top 10 - [link] - Release TBD

    Upcoming Events
    There are a couple of secret staff and community-created events being planned and prepared. When they are finished, they will be announced. Be excited!
    Copherfields's shop contest - [link] - TBA

    Creating Your Own
    Anyone can create and run a contest or an event! I'm here to give you some pointers on how to do it successfully.
    Some instructions for creating a well-organized contest:
    If you want Empire Minecraft support, such as a front page post and server broadcasts, submit your plan using this contest application. You do not need the support of EMC to run your own contest. The application is optional.
    • Create a thread in the "Community Creations" subforum. [Link]
    • Describe in detail the theme of your contest.
    • Describe the criteria that the entries must meet.
    • Describe how the contest entries will be judged.
    • List the prizes that you will provide for the winners.
    • List the number and the places available to win.
    • List the duration of your contest, and the starting/ending dates.
    • Note that if there are multiple contests running at the same time, people are less likely to enter because they will be busy. Make an effort to plan your contest when no one else is running one.
    • Do not create contests with themes that have already be run recently.
    Here are some examples of past contests;
    ISMOOCH's building contest,
    Amadai's wool art contest,
    Scarligmione's landscaping contest.

    Instructions for creating an event:
    Events are a lot more fluid. You can create any kind of event that you can think of, as long as it is appropriate and follows the EMC rules. An event can be anything from a holiday celebration to a quest or treasure hunt. Be creative!
    If you want to apply for promotion or support from the EMC staff, use this event application.

    Good luck, and have fun!
    Amadai out.
  2. this... i like all of it XD
  3. Awesome there are probably gonna be more contests and events now with this guide making EMC more fun.
  4. I'm thinking about making a contest for who can make the best cupcake statue out if any material the 1st place prize would be 1000 r. Second place would be 5 diamonds and third place prize is undecided for now would anyone Luke this contest ? I dont want to post it yet if no one wants to join