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  1. Delta Team
    Shop Contest

    Read this:

    --------- Thanks everyone! ---------------

    • Starting: March 23
    • Contest entries no longer accepted: April 11
    • Judging ends: April 18

    Welcome to the first Empire Minecraft Shop Contest!

    Because we consider the economy it’s an important part of the fun at the Empire Minecraft Servers, we are going to start a new contest, we will provide some awesome prizes for the winners, and some secret prize for the n°1!

    We are looking for the best shops in the following context:
    • Organization
    • Decoration
    • Functionality (How easy it’s to buy at this shop)
    • Purpose (if this shop sells about everything, or it has a purpose like selling only some specific type of block)
    • Additional fun (some shops do have casino’s inside, also some games related to money)
    The judges will be:
    • Eclipsys
    • Squizzel_Boy
    • nmanley
    • And
    • Copherfield
    The prizes:
    For the first place:
    12500r! + (1) EFFICIENCY III & UNBREAKING III Diamond Pickaxe.
    For the Second place:
    8000r! + (2) UNBREAKING III Diamond Pickaxe.
    For the Third place:
    5500r! + (1) UNBREAKING III Diamond Pickaxe.

    Extra prizes: Thanks to the donators! (this prizes will be given by the judges, no voting for this ones since they are extra):

    The best design first place:
    The best design second place:
    The best design third place:
    Donations by: angangg (5k) apamment (10k) zabriel (15k) Yukon1200 (5k) corey72723 (5K)

    If you wish to contribute for this contest to get better prizes please contact me via PM!
    Fill this form to apply for the contest!

    Hope you all guys success!

    EDIT: I'm adding some rules to participate here, if you do not agree please let me know and your contest application will be deleted.
    • Do not 'bump' your shop in any possible way via chat/forums/PM's or other comunication possible ways. The only way you can ask for people to vote, it's using the signature above (or a custom you would like to add) that redirects into this thread (the votation thread will be this if nothing goes wrong).
    • Do not give any kind of reward, or try to convince anyone from voting for your shop, moderate yourself in there (it's ok to put a sign at your shop saying "vote for me at forums" or something like that. But it's wrong to go on chat saying "i will give 1 diamond to everyone that votes for me" or "vote for me ploxxx")
    • Respect the other's creations, do not reffer to them in any negative possible way (it's fine to say "nice shop you got there bro" or " i love your shop" but not "your shop it's horrible""how could you make something so ugly?")
    • Do not try to cheat in the voting
    • Do not try to convince Judges from giving you a little 'help'
    Not following those rules will get your application removed. Read them carefully before fighting with anyone.
    -------------------------------------------------- Update----------------------------------------------------
    Following applicants shall review this:

    @Derek_fawns: It's not possible to access the shop, please give the judges access before the deadline
    @Alan (tsai?): There is no residence number, and the username it's wrong.
    @MotorBurn: There is no shop at the residence.
    @Gabrielrocks69: It's not possible to access the shop, there is dirt that's blocking the pass, please give us access before the deadline.
    @darkruler53: Please provide the new residence number(S)
    @CowMan18: I'm the one you have to send the pm to :)
  2. I will discuss changing the dates because of this website downtime soon :)
  3. I guess I might as well put my hat, or should I say shop into the ring. :p I filled out the form so yeah.
  4. crap, i never sent in my part of the reward cash....... copher, am i still in the guild? if i am ill send in what i owe for the rewards right now

    :edit: contact me later, i am actually leaving to do something
  5. Check our private forums.
  6. oops, i probably should have done that.....
  7. Btw: it's possible that we change the prizes to even better ones :)
  8. This will be great :D
  9. So when is the dealine? Only ask cause im workig on a new epic shop lol
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  10. It has been changed, because amadai says there are other contests coming soon, so, good work on it :)
    Also, the prizes will be bigger (i just contacted someone that's interesting in donating something for the contest!)
  11. OMG Copher, this is Perfect for me!!! As soon as I finish MineMart, I'd love for you to check it out.... And now there's even a contest for it :D
  12. Hmmm...
    I'll have to improve my giant flaming "shop" sign!
    Is there any scoring on prices?
  13. Ok one proplem.... I own a chain of stores on different residences using the residences of my employees.... So do i only show the MegaMart part or the whole chain?
  14. I'd say just the MegaMart.
  15. Ok :D MegeMart it is!!!
  16. Yeah well With the amount of time people have we should get many people entering :)
  17. Bigger and better?
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  18. I would like to join the contest when I finish rebuilding my res