Shop Contest!

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  1. Ill give it a crack!
  2. Just started a nice shop in my opinion, so let's give it a try :)
  3. Ill give it a shot too!
  4. How do you vote??
  5. im in even though i need to work on my shop
  6. Count Petofiili in!
  7. I hope i win but good luck to all the other competitors.I have seen some realy hard shops to beat this is going to be tough to win.
  8. can we vote too? coz then i know who gets my vote
  9. The votation will be done at an external website, we will give the link as soon as we finish judging.
    You will not be able to vote more than once and the votes will be secret (your in-game name won't be needed to vote).
    (the link will be posted here)

    Also, the judging team has already started checking the shops from the first application to the latest, we counted 87 applications till now :) this is getting though!
    We will provide an url for each shop with a photo album. If you have some screenshots you want used instead, please upload them to as an album and send them to me via PM :)

    Thanks guys, this it's going great!
    Thanks also to the guys that are supporting this, <3 u guys!
  10. This is a great Competition idea! Thanks Copherfield for organising it.

    Can I post here that my shop is on smp5 at 10223 and please visit? :p
  11. Tss :p
    Can you unclaim after this finishes?
  12. Im In Ill Split Prize With My Friends :D
  13. Wait Am I Too Late?
  14. It Will
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  15. Hi godog4, as stated on the thread, you have to fill a form in order to apply for the contest, please check the front page and fill the form.
    Thanks for your comments :)
    Please state to me via pm who are your friends and in the possible case of winning how much % each one takes out of the shop.
    No, you are not too late, just in time :)
    Don't worry if you can't take screenshots, our judging team will do.
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  16. i made a lot of changes in my shop today, but i already filled in the form yesterday... so if im already judged, could you please look tomorow again?

    residence: 9299, smp4
  17. Im going to judge your soon don't be worried you have not been judged yet :)
  18. Can I Enter Twice For My OTher Shop Cuz I Accidentally Did :(
    Because I Think Both Are GReat
  19. Btw How Do We Vote