Landscaping/Garden/Forest Making Contest

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  1. Note: This community contest is being run by scarligmione and other awesome players, they are also providing the prizes :) -JG

    GENERAL INFO:This is a Landscaping/Garden/Forest Making Contest. Basically its a landscaping design contest. You design and build a landscape or a small garden or even a huge forest covering you property. A good example of this is on mrfistersr's res and the res right next to his on smp3.

    Starting: Monday February 6 2012
    Ending: Monday February 20 2012
    Judging Begins: Tuesday February 21 2012
    Judging Ends: Sunday February 26 2012
    All Judging will Be done as a Vote system and the entries will be voted on by players in the empire.

    Post your application in this thread, and later update your submissions to complete, before the deadline or you will not be judged.
    Once you have posted that your entry is complete, you may submit your own pictures, or I will take them for you.

    THE PRIZES: Just getting started and the Prizes have already grown to crazy number from donations. Please make sure you thank our donors for the massive prizes.
    1st Place: 8000 Rupees, and a Forum Signature Customized for which Server you Won on.

    2nd Place: 4000 Rupees, and a Forum Signature Customized for which Server you got Second Place on.

    Best Non-Supporter Creation: Gets a Nice Prize of 6000 Rupees.

    (Check Back for Updates on Prizes)

    DONATIONS(to donate towards price contact me in game, or /rupees pay me then send me a personal message through the forums with how much you donated):5000r d1223m, 12000r Barks87, 10000r Twitch1, 10000r apamment, 5000r Jabrzer0, 4000r ivonator123, 10000r Mudkipturtwig, 5000r Amadai, 10000r Zabriel

    Only one submission Per Player. Not 1 per Server, You can only enter ONCE for the competition.
    Must be a Garden/Forest/Landscaping.(Buildings are acceptable as part of the landscaping/garden, but cannot be the main focus point of the entry. Also does not have to be above ground, gardens are the same no matter where you make them)
    All 6 Server are Eligible to Enter.

    Lot #:
    status (complete / not complete):

    Updated Spread sheet for contest donators and entries can be found in the link below.

    Thanks in advance for participating and I hope we get a lot of people to participate in this contest.
  2. Too bad i dont have anything of that type :(

    ill just wait for the best air stuff comp
  3. Time to get my basement a little better :D
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  4. Can't wait to see all of the entries. I'll donate, but I need to wait until I actually have rupees, and then I'll contact you xD
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  5. Username: Terr
    Server: smp1

    Lot #: 1205
    status (complete / not complete): Complete

    I changed res and server check post

    Now complete mostly just waiting on grass to grow.
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  6. Username:
    Lot #:/park
    status: complete

    Ok my entry is.

    Lot #:4373
    status (complete / not complete):Complete

    (When you enter my Res look up)
  7. Another great idea!
  8. does my smp5 resident count? it is made out of farming stuff sorta ish :confused:
  9. So many contests nowadays :p
  10. I wonder why that is :rolleyes:
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  11. lol MR2 I wonder ^_^
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    Username: Eclipsys
    Server: SMP1
    Lot #: 841
    status (complete / not complete): Complete

    When you come to /v 841, walk up the stairs, and you'll find it, it isnt hard to miss :D

    (Its a Zen garden, inside my residence)
  13. I knew you were going to enter Ecli, and I now know that you are going to win :D
  14. Lawl, dont get your and my hopes up xD I'm sure there will be alot of competition when it comes to gardening :D
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  15. Username: Annih
    Server: 4
    Lot #: 8987
    status (complete / not complete): complete

    I have two components, my shrine, and multiple underground farms.
    The shrine uses trees as a barrier, and for atmosphere. The trees are naturally grown, though many leaves were hand-placed.
    The farms are very large, but are there for production. They include a 285-tree farm, automatic wheat farms that cumulatively fill an inventory (and can crash a game client), and farms for sugar cane, melons, and pumpkins. If these can/may be able to count, I'll post screens and/or let the judges in.
  16. Username:Makrom1
    Lot #:6792
    status (complete / not complete):Complete

    It is a huge garden with multiple natural elements and mushroom houses plus a river and i also have my farm
  17. Username: showoff212
    Server: smp2
    Lot #: 4413
    status: COMPLETE
  18. Username: d1223m
    Server: SMP3
    Lot#: 6033
    Status: Not complete
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  19. that happens :p I'll donate once I have some as well :)
  20. Username: jameskim885
    Server: SMP4
    Lot: 8438
    Status: Complete
    Also how do you download a screenshot for the contest?