Wool Art Contest - Apply Now!

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  1. Note: This contest is being run by amadai and other awesome players, they are also providing the prizes :) -JG

    Winners have been announced in this thread!

    Starting Monday, January 16th
    Ending Monday, January 30th
    Judging Begins: Tuesday, 31st
    Post your application in this thread, and later update your submissions to complete, before the deadline or you will not be judged.
    Once you have posted that your entry is complete, you may submit your own pictures (this makes it easier on amadai!), or amadai will take them for you.

    1st Place: 5500r total per category winner per server
    A 1st place signature badge for your category

    2nd Place: 3750r total per category winner per server
    A 2st place signature badge for your category

    Best Non-Supporter Creation: 5000r total to one non-supporter, for the best creation
    The winner will get their very own custom signature badge, with their creation on it!
    Thank Jabrzer0 for the idea!

    • Up to 3 submissions total. Only one may win.*
    • The contest entries will be judged as one of two categories:
      • Fanart (gifs, icons, characters --something that you have created based off of something else).
      • Original (something you have made up entirely, or something that needed considerable planning to create--you did not have much of a reference or template to go off of)
    • All 5 servers are eligible to enter.
    • A small amount of sand/stone/etc may be used if you need extra hues, in pixelart submissions. Keep it mostly wool though.
    *Subject to change if there are not enough entrants. If we only have a few submissions, players may win more than once.
    **prize donors: slepnirson, importerer, d1223m , ISMOOCH, JabrZer0, gamekribjim, tjboy11 and mr2r2m. Give them all hugs!

    Server Number(s):
    Submissions (up to three):
    - lot #
    - status (complete / not complete)
    - category (fanart / original)

    Due to the fact that a post may only have 10k characters, I had to move the list of entries to a google doc:
    Click here for a google doc with all of the entries!
  2. MR2R2M
    Utopia: 5002
    Nearly complete, will be done by deadline :)
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  3. JimofMars
    SMP3: 7319
    Fanart (Fluttershy)
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  4. /me hugs ISMOOCH

    Thank you.
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  5. ... why hug ISMOOCH? :D

    ( well why not - but seems OT to me! )
  6. He donated most.
    He gets my hug.
  7. Oh I see. Missed that bit! Ill shut up then!
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  8. /me theoretically hugs d1223m

    Now you can tell your friends.
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  9. Can't wait to see what people come up with!
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  10. I dont have any remember RFW? :(

    Lets stop spamming this thread now..
  11. *Spam Spam*
    You got more people in RFW than I did...

    Oh, does my SMP3 house count as wool art if it doesn't use a lot of wool? :p
  12. Are 3D statues accepted?
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  13. Yes, they are!
  14. Still unsure exactly what this is. Wasn't stated very clearly but what I kinda got what it stated.

    My Dragon Shenron (complete) idk fan art? ,
    Hands with Rubik cubes (complete) Original ,
    Something else if I have time to make it. (yet to be started) original,
    All on res 1215.
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  15. It's a pretty broad category. Basically anything you can think of that is made of wool can be entered.
    Thanks, I'll add you to the list : )
  16. Corey4028
    SMP 1: 2129
    My statue of me (fan art of myself) =]
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  17. Good luck Everyone!
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  18. i wanna join but my best is on singleplayer? could i sumbit those?
    Username pandastripes
    Server Number(s): smp2
    Submissions (up to three): Rug on my shop floor
    - lot # 3316
    - status (complete / not complete) complete
    - category (fanart / original) original
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  20. i used to do contests like these. then i took a creeper to the pixelart. and im not creative at all... so... i guess here it is.
    probably wont win with this but...
    Username: imBobertRobert
    Server Number(s): Utopia.
    Submissions (up to three): my NCU flag. probably wont win with this but...
    - lot # 5014
    - status (complete / not complete) complete.
    - category (fanart / original): original.
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