Wool Contest Winners!

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    Click here to view the final results for the wool contest.

    Congratulations to the winners! You will be receiving your prizes shortly.
    Thank you to JustinGuy, ISMOOCH, slepnirson, importerer, d1223m, jabrzer0, MR2R2M, gamekribjim, and tjboy11 for helping - the contest was as successful as it was because of their help!

    1ST PLACE: 5500r total per category winner per server -----------------------------
    A 1st place signature badge for your category

    SMP1: Iamfuturetrunks - Shenron
    SMP2: Lolkold - Troll and Cake
    SMP3: Weableandbob - Rin Tezuka
    SMP4: Darkmoor360 - Charizard
    Utopia: C0lt0nrul3z - Nyancat

    SMP1: Eclipsys - Wool Architecture
    SMP2: MR2R2M - Lighthouse
    SMP3: BloodFoox - Pyramid
    SMP4: MR2R2M - Monster Can
    Utopia: MR2R2M - Rubik's Cube

    2ND PLACE: 3750r total per category winner per server----------------------------
    A 2st place signature badge for your category

    SMP1: Apamment - Harley Quinn
    SMP2: SovietSoldierw1l - Squizzel_Boy - Ghast
    SMP3: JimofMars tied with himself, Fluttershy vs Philosoderpy
    SMP4: Kamina415 - Link Shield and Sword
    Utopia: -

    SMP1: Envoydragon - Custom Tebow Statue
    SMP2: Matstar1 - Smiley
    SMP3: d1223m - dragon
    SMP4: Shinobi711 - Double Helix of DNA
    Utopia: Eclipsys - Architecture

    Best Non-Supporter Creation: 5000r total to one non-supporter, for the best creation
    The winner will get their very own custom signature badge, with their creation on it!
    From the pool of the remaining entries, the non-supporter with the most votes is:
    -Shinobi711 - Double Rainbow, 28 votes!

    Detailed List of Votes / click here if the above link does not work

  2. oh i didnt win :O
  3. There will always be more contests : )
  4. wow, mr2 won 3 times XD
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  5. I still have 3750 because there was no second entry in utopia. I might find another person to give it to. Any creative ideas?
  6. ummm, have a one day end of contest raffle or something?
  7. Owwww..... I feel hungry for rupees... :(>
  8. Lets vote for the overall best. Winner gets the remaining rupees. Also this idea cost 3700 rupees. :D
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  9. So I have to pay to use that idea? Er....
  10. why not split them up between everyone who entered and didn't get a place?
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  11. I like this.
  12. Caan u tell us all how wmany votes we all got inbervidualy
  13. Aw well done everyone! Congratz MR2, you are so talented :)
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  14. I would suggest giving each of the 1st prize winners an extra 175r each, and each of the second prize winners 100r each. your dilemma is solved :)

    And of course congratulations to all the winners, runners up and participators. It was a great competition, and a big thanks to Amadai for donating valuable time and effort, you did a great job. :D
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  15. So far can't view it... :S It says I have to request access. Whats up with that?

    Oh I see now its listed below the link :p But why give a link when people have to request access just to see it? :S

    Kinda stinks my rubik cube hands didn't win anything but thats alright.
  16. Wow, that was kind of a short voting period. Oh well... congrats to the winners, anyways.
  17. Give it to meee?(ur wonderful neighbour) :-D+<
  18. u didnt like the sheep
  19. YA ME AND MY FRIEND WON! (Bloodfoox) Pyramid