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Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by iSmooch, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. Voting Has Begun! Got to Community Creations and Vote for you Favorite lot now!
    For the front page! Prize has been raised to 3000r!

    Lot House Contest!!

    Some Of the staff members have gotten together and decided to start a contest for the community.
    From the moment this thread is posted the contest is active, and the building portion will continue for for 14 days from the 16th of December. Since Twitch1's discovery of Kia's little log cabin I have personally taken notice to many unapprcieted housing developments in the Empire. So I feel that these Houses should be admired.

    This is a BUILDING contest however which means that you have the whole two weeks to build something you believe will win the big bucks.
    On that note I will let you know the PRIZES.

    1st Place will receive a 3000r prize
    2nd Place will receive a 1500r prize.

    There will be a total of 6 winners.
    1 1st place from each SMP server
    1 2nd places from each SMP server.
    Now to go over how the lots will be voted. Keep these in mind when voting.


    There are only a couple of RULES to keep in mind:

    There must be at least 1 structure that is a residence
    There must be at least 2 outside structures seperate from the residence (farms, benches, fountains, ect.)

    And those are the only rules.
    Each server has a designated Moderator that will inspect your lot and take screenshots upon completion.
    Those moderators are:

    SMP3: Crazy1080
    These names are subject to change over the next two weeks. Just insure that your respective moderator knows that you are complete and submits your screenshots.

    Next will be the APPLICATION:

    In Game Name:
    Lot Number:
    Complete Now?: (Yes or No Only)
    Favorite Minecraft Mob:

    Just Post applications here in this thread.

    If your Lot is not ready to be viewed on at the time of application submission just ensure you let your Moderator when you are complete and it is done before voting begins on the 30th of december.

    Have fun and I cant wait to see what you guys come up with.


    Each winner will also receive a banner for the forums!

    1st place:

    2nd Place:

    So far these are the submissions that i have.

    If I do not have your status right or you complete your lot soon please post it here And i will change it.

    Also, I will be posting Pictures of those that are complete. As I appreciate those of you who have submitted pictures, please dont. I have a certain way i want the pictures taken so everyone sees the right parts of the house so the grading will be fair. Thanks everyone that has already submitted. I am glad there is such a good turnout.

    MaxGoesOnline - 2318 (complete)
    Fynriel - 809 (complete)
    Liasen - 1039 (complete)
    Kyllingman3 - 1931 (complete)
    IPwnCreeps - 829 (complete)
    bredos107 - 909 (complete)
    S_R_L_B - 1178 (complete)
    Newo88 - 2201 (complete)
    iamfuturetrunks - 1215 (complete)
    Eclipsys - 841 (complete)
    18334 - 1507 (complete)
    gaddis - 2114 (complete)
    jthom22 - 2181 (complete)
    KiashiSama - 2386 (complete)
    beasts - 1783 (complete)
    will_iamd - 1968 (complete)
    Mrsmiley99 - 1389 (complete)
    Vetleab - 1107 (complete)
    Xx_HeX_xX - 2146 (complete)
    jakesds - 1790 (complete)
    Bill_The_Lizard - 2508 (complete)
    drummerman120 - 1021 (complete)

    VinXians-4048 (complete)
    thetrufflehunter - 4271 (complete)
    nanabob - 3666 (complete)
    GRANTSWINM4 - 4246 (complete)
    Squizzel_Boy - 4373 (complete)
    sovietsoldeirw1l - 4372 (complete)
    xzpoler - 3913 (complete)
    AlexChance - 3406 (complete)
    Andkonman - 3792 (complete)
    NurglesRott - 3779 (complete)
    Uber_Corq - 4487 (complete)
    Ozuar - 4054 [supermasters110's lot] (complete)
    Jennypoo10 - 3959 (complete)
    coleballer - 3740 (complete)
    roja22 - 3526 (complete)
    showoff212 - 3235 (complete)
    Gabrielrocks69 - 3127 (complete)

    nikko225 - 7362 (complete)
    d1223m - 6033 (complete)
    OwNsUrDoG - 6401 (complete)
    JabrZero - 6180 (complete)
    Amadai - 7471 (complete)
    ChocoboXV - 6076 (complete)
    Barks87 - 6406 (complete)
    Xalim298 - 6576 (complete)
    jazza142 - 6483 (complete)
    Bigfatmamallama - 7245 (complete)
    pujan909 - 6227 (complete)
    tjboy11 - 6131 (compelete)
    volker7 - 6003 (complete)
    mrfistersr - 6292 (complete) - mickwhiskey - 6366 (complete)
    Eotheod - 6182 (complete)

    *all moderators, administrators, and any staff member positions not mentioned do not qualify to participate in the contest*
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  2. VinXians
  3. This is the greatest idea ever!:)
    I'm totally gonna try to win the first prize on smp1:D
  4. If you want a larger prize, I will be happy to tip in at least 2000r!
    Great cause :)
  5. I am so going to try! Good luck everyone and may the best house win!:)
  6. Crazy1080
    Oh wait..
    I can't do this! (Shamelessly advertising my house.)
    I really want to see all that SMP3 has to offer :) You guys are pretty awesome.
  7. I need your server name. I know i can look it up. But i have to personally keep track and it makes it easier if i know here.

    I will increase the prize if you donated.

    1st places would get 1400r

    2nd place would get 550r

    just pay 1950 to ismooch and i will make the raise official.
  8. Wait, where do I sign up for this contest??
  9. You just post your application here. The application format is at the bottom of the original post.
  10. gwormn
  11. Done! Good luck to all the builders!
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  12. The Prize has now gone up. The orginal post has been editied.
  13. TheTrufflehunter
    slime (i love sticky pistons!):cool:
    i'm not done yet cause i need a slot
  14. pawkrz

  15. dont worry you have 2 weeks to build. I thought this would be a fair time considering some people would have to fight for slots to get on.
  16. Addition!!

    Each Winner will also receive a Banner.

    Please check the bottom of the original post.
  17. raisinator
  18. In Game Name: MaxGoesOnline
    Server: Smp1
    Lot Number: 2318
    Complete Now?: Yes
    Favorite Minecraft Mob: Wolfs and Cows
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  19. In Game Name: Emptimynd
    Server: SMP3
    Lot Number: 6081
    Complete Now?: No
    Favorite Minecraft Mob: Skeletons

    Attached Files:

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  20. What about utopia?
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