EMC Spotlight: Pilot - Qualifiers

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  1. Remember two weeks ago when I told you to bury your TNT in the yard? Yeah, don't do that. The guys at the "Environmentally and Explosively Friendly" foundation told me that doing so could cause death that they are responsible for. At any rate, I managed to look at everyone's residences throughout the Empire Minecraft Servers. The qualifiers came to a somewhat difficult match for each other, but certainly it is not life threatening to anyone from what I know. Speaking of which, that reminds me. It turns out my neighbors did in fact know the answer to life, the universe, and everything. They said it had to do with the number 42, but I personally did not believe them, so I drew my own conclusions. I personally think it has to do with the amazing creations that makes up the towns in Empire Minecraft, which many of them tend to be life threatening. Have you seen the sizes of some of these builds? If you jumped off of one, you will have a bad day indeed.

    So who do you think made it into my little test project formerly known as the Empire Minecraft Spotlight: Pilot? Let's see who will be making it into the first of all possible spotlights, shall we?

    Below will be listed all of the Qualifiers.

    Name / Residence #


    Bob48311 and Alexdeminer…3821
    GameKribJim…3050 and 3086

    mrfistersr & mickwhiskey…6366 and 6292


    Skilled_Creeper & Crazy1080…10014

    NinjaWolfElite… 5005
    will_iamd… 5048
    Weileyc… 5398

    Congratulations to all who qualified! Your residences have been filmed and are currently being edited into the final product!

    But hold on just one second before you start that party that you should totally invite me to.
    To those who qualified, you still have one objective left. The good part is that this objective is not in your hands. The bad part is that this objective is not in your hands.

    After I finish this Spotlight, I am going to make a voting thread in which the EMC community will vote upon. I will then pick the best top 10 out of the voting and reward them! I will also make another video to follow and show the top 10 residences in a countdown order. This video will be entitled something similar to "EMC Spotlight: Pilot - Top 10"

    (As of right now, the rewards will not be listed. This will be saved for another time. Rewards will consist of Rupees and/or in game items)

    That is all I have for you this time, my good people. I'm going to wear my newly purchased Top Hat and monocle while holding a balloon with scissors in my pocket. Turns out Flea Markets are useful for purchases such as these.

    Be on the lookout for the upcoming video! I'll be back when that time comes, and hopefully very soon. Allons-y!

    Current Project Status: Publish
    Up Next: Nothing
    Estimated Release Date: 3/25/2012 - 3/26/2012
  2. good luck :) looking forward to the video :D
  3. This is so win, I can't wait, super excited!
  4. I'm happy to get in your first little selective. I'm also working on a video right now, so I'm looking forward to see what you guys come up with.

    Also I'd like to push a little request into it. If somebody feels touched by inspiration, I think we could use some little EMP ad we can put in front of the videos. On my gardening video I took 5 minutes spare time and the result was more then ... well lets not talk about low quality parts XD If somebody does a 5-7 sec Empire logo intro I would highly appreciate it. :)

    Greetz Hasorko

    P.S. Since I spoke about the contest, dont forget to vote guys. Should start these days :)
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  5. If I can I'll finish the rest of Mordor by the time you stop by XD
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  6. Sounds good. :)
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  7. It's Squizzel_Boy :)
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  8. Nice catch. Yay typos!
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  9. oh yea, can't wait to see the video :)
  10. Great great work (picking me.. no! ) doing this! :)

    I dont think you need to give rewards (unless you make a ton of cash from YT adverts ) being in a vid and getting recognition is enough.
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  11. yay!!! im qualified too!!! cool thanks a lot
  12. Hey Tonic! I am already done putting in windows for the first 3 floors, I put in an elevator, and I am going to be completeting the remaining floors with putting in glass and setting up the hotel floor and hopefully this will all be done by March. Come by and check it out when you get the chance! I think you will be impressed with my progress so far.
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  13. wow... this is so cool!! first time on a multiplayer server playing minecraft and already in a video!!! at the moment i am having a little problem on the interior of my castle ... but this gives me new hope!!

    thanks a lot again!!
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  14. Your Hitchiker's references make me feel special. My giant flaming '42's were not wasted!
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  15. The rewards are not real cash. It will be in-game rupees or items.
    Perhaps I should clear that up. :)

    Sounds great! When I get the chance to roam the empire, I plan on visiting. :)

  16. Why didn't I make it in? :( It's a sick shop at 9485 Smp4....
  17. Begin whine thread about not getting in:

    I'll start it off:

    BLa bla bla bla, you all stink, bla bla bla, I'm so great and awesome, bla bla bla insert curses here. </joke>

    In all seriousness though, my building isn't quite flashy enough (yet) to qualify.

    I'll try again next time (hint hint hint :p).

    Congrats to the semi-finalists.
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  18. Please keep in mind, there were well over 75 submissions for me to review in the span of two nights. You have a nice shop really, but some submissions were better. That's just how it is when it comes to contests and the like. Some people win, and some people don't.

    I wish you good luck next time. :)

    I saw this coming. xD
  19. Cool beans
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  20. Yes. This is a movie featuring nice Res. Including buildings structures aso. It is not a contest. Landscape is only about gardening aso and is a contest where you can vote the winner. 2 events

    edit: did you delete ur post blood XD now mine seems odd XD
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