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  1. New Promo Thread

    Welcome to the New Promo Prices Thread. This is really just a move from BreezyMan's Promo Prices Thread (link here) to this Thread since the old one has stopped and does not get updated prices for promos any more. I have taken over the thread so I can and will be updating this thread based off your guys input.

    The Promo list:

    • Vault Voucher: 7k
    • Stable Voucher: 6k
    • Iron Supporter Voucher: 65k
    • Gold Supporter Voucher: 130k
    • Diamond Supporter Voucher: 260k
    • Iron Supporter Gift: 1,500,000+ Rupees
    • Gold Supporter Gift: 2,300,000+ Rupees
    • Diamond Supporter Gift: 2,100,000+ Rupees
    • Cake Parkour Event: 300k
    • Emc Treasure Voucher: 1,000,000+ Rupees
    • Max Res Upgrade Voucher: 2,000,000+ Rupees
    • Permanent Derelict Protection Voucher: 1,900,000 Rupees
    New Year
    • (2012) Empire Firework: 120k
    • (2013) Empire Firework: 100k
    • (2014) Empire Firework: 32k
    • (2015) Empire Firework: 25k
    • (2016) Empire Firework: 22k
    • (2017) Empire Firework: 10k (Newest Promo)
    • (2016) New Year Aikar Head: 300k
    • (2017) New Year Aikar Head: 400k
    • (2017) New Year Aikar Signature: 250k
    Valentine's Day
    • Cupid's Bow (infinity): 25k
    • Cupid's Bow (unbreaking): 25k
    • Cupid's Bow (both): 25k
    • Cupid Bundle: 65k
    • Cupid (Unused): 40k
    • Cupid (Used): 25k
    • Cupid's Arrow (1 Stack) 2.5k
    • Love Potion No.9: 150k
    St. Patrick's Day
    • Lucky Rabbit's Foot: 25k
    • Pot of Gold: 20k
    • Pot of Gold (used): 15k
    • Magical Eggcellent Wand: 35k
    • Chocolate Bunny: 15k
    • Carrot Juice: 500r
    Independence Day
    • Independence Head (rarer): Unknown
    • Independence Helmet: 250k
    • Independence Chest: 250k
    • Independence Pants: 250k
    • Independence Boots: 250k
    • Freedom Blade (light red): 125k+
    • Freedom Blade (dark red): 500k
    • Independence Helmet (dnc): 750k
    • Independence Chest (dnc): 750k
    • Independence Pants (dnc): 750k
    • Independence Boots (dnc): 750k
    • Freedom Blade (dnc): 150k
    • Independence Helmet (chest): 300k+
    • Independence Chest (chest): 300k+
    • Independence Pants (chest): 300k+
    • Independence Boots (chest): 300k+
    • Freedom Blade (chest): 400k
    • (2013) Independence Day Firework: 60k
    • (2014) Independence Day Firework: 30k
    • (2015) Independence Day Firework: 25k
    • (2016) Independence Day Firework: 20k
    • (2017) Independence Day Firework: 10k
    • (2013) Empire Firework (July 4th): 35k
    • (2014) Empire Firework (July 4th): 33k
    • (2015) Empire Firework (July 4th): 28k
    • (2016) Empire Firework (July 4th): 23k
    • (2017) Empire Firework (July 4th): 13k
    • Meteor Bow: 15k
    • Liberty Sword: 25k
    • Declaration of Independence: 12k
    • Taste The Freedom: 600r
    EMC Birthday
    • Incitatus: 900k
    • Incitatus (used): 500k
    • Valens: 1,200,000 Rupees
    • Valens (used): 900k
    • Saltar: 1,200,000 Rupees
    • Saltar (used) :900k
    • 2014 Birthday Cake: 30k
    • 2015 Birthday Cake: 20k
    • 2016 Birthday Cake: 15k
    • 2017 Birthday Cake: 10k
    • 2015 Birthday Cookie: 150k
    • 2016 Birthday Cookie: 90k
    • 2017 Birthday Cookie: 45k
    • (2014) Happy Birthday EMC Book : 4,200,000+ Rupees
    • Aikar's Head (2015 B-day): Unknown
    • Aikar's Head (2017 B-day): 250k
    Labor Day
    • (2013) Labor Bench: 70k
    • (2014) Labor Bench: 55k
    • (2015) Labor Bench: 40k
    • (2016) Labor Bench: 25k
    • (2017) Labor Bench: 15k
    Veterans Day
    • (2014) Remembrance Poppy: 25k
    • (2015) Remembrance Poppy: 20k
    • (2016) Remembrance Poppy: 15k
    • (2017) Remembrance Poppy: 10k
    • (2013) Haunted Head: 115k
    • (2016) Haunted Head: 35k
    • (2017) Haunted Head: 18k
    • (2014) Headless Horseman Mask: 45k
    • (2015) Headless Horseman Mask: 35k
    • (2016) Headless Horseman Mask: 30k
    • (2017) Headless Horesman Mask: 20k
    • Omenoss: 40k
    • Trick-or-Treat Bundle: 65k
    • Headless Horseman Axe: 40k
    • Spooky Egg: 25k
    • Haunted Candy: 10r each type
    • (2013) Turkey Slicer: 110k
    • (annual) Turkey Slicer: 35k
    • Ham Hacker: 50k
    • (2017) Stuffing Scooper: 30k
    • Cooked Turkey: 500r
    • Feast for a King: 3k
    • Rudolph: 500k
    • Rudolph (used): 375k
    • Dancer: 65k
    • Dancer (used): 55k
    • Dasher: 55k
    • Dasher (used): 40k
    • Prancer: 25k
    • Prancer (used): 18k
    • Vixen: 20,170R
    • Vixen (used): Unknown
    • (2014) Holiday Candle: 25k
    • (2016) Holiday Candle: 18k
    • Holiday Pick: 500k
    • Holiday Axe: 20,170R
    • Candy Cane Sword: 30k
    • Santa's Magic Bag: 16k
    • Emergency Snow Clearing Device: 35k
    • Blizz Ard's Arm: 20k
    • Blizz Ard's Nose: 20k
    • Blizz Ard's Eye: 20k
    • (2014) Avalauncher: 400k
    • (annual) Avalauncher: 10k
    • (2014) Holiday Message: 700k
    60k Gear
    • Big Daddy Helmet: 1,400,000+ Rupees
    • Bullet Proof Vest: 1,400,000+ Rupees
    • Cactus Pants: 1,400,000+ Rupees
    • Feather Fallllling Boots: 1,400,000+ Rupees
    • Flaming Mob Launcher: 1,400,000+ Rupees
    • Everlasting Axestopper: 1,400,000+ Rupees
    • Turfinator: 1,400,000+ Rupees
    • Ore Buster: 500k
    100k Gear
    • Scooooba Mask: 35k
    • Potato Plate: 35k
    • Bionic Pants: 35k
    • Bubble Boots: 35k
    • Chicken Skewer: 35k
    • Sharpshooter: 35k
    • Shear Madness: 35k
    • Mineral Mincer: 55k
    500k Gear

    • Half-Mill Grill: 50k
    • 500k Mile Boots: 50k
    • Pizza Hut 500k Special Pick: 50k
    • 500k Acre Hoe: 50k
    • Fahrenheit 500k Blade: 50k
    • 500k Golden Spoon: 50k
    • Indy 500k Hot Rod: 50k
    • 5-Double-'O'K Bow: 50k
    Starter Gear
    • Starter Boots: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Boots (old): 70k
    • Starter Leggings: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Leggings (old): 70k
    • Starter Chestplate: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Chestplate (old): 70k
    • Starter Helmet: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Helmet (old): 70k
    • Starter Sword: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Sword (old): 70k
    • Starter Pickaxe: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Pickaxe (old): 70k
    • Starter Axe: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Shovel: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Horse: 5k - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Horse (old): 70k
    • Starter Shield: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Starter Bow: Free - /promo newplayer
    • Getting Started (book): Unknown
    • New Player Guide (book): Free - /promo newplayer
    • Next Step (book): Unknown
    • Second Chance (book): Unknown
    • Second Chance (old)(book): Unknown
    Mob Drops
    • Marlix's Helmet: 25k
    • Marlix's Armor: 25k
    • Marlix's Leggings: 25k
    • Marlix's Boots: 25k
    • Marlix's Bow: 25k
    • Momentus's Helmet: 45k
    • Momentus's Toothpick: 22k
    • Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock: 50k (can be bought at /shopworld)
    • Dragon Stone Fragment: 500r
    • Dragon Stone: 5k
    • Zombie Virus: 10r
    • Shiny Flesh: 10r
    • Shiny Arrow: 10r
    • Enraged Zombie: 50k
    • Enraged Zombie (lored): 45k
    • Enraged Guardian: 50k
    • Enraged Guardian (lored): 45k
    • Maxarian Head: 80k
    • Book of Colors: 875k
    • IcecreamCow Skin: 20k
    • IcecreamCow Flesh: 20k
    • Dragon Poop: 80k
    • Super Dragon Poop: 85k
    • Netherhound: 220k
    • Netherhound (lored): 150k
    • Pi Pie: 33k
    • Lucky Bow: 215k
    • T Virus Vaccine: 100k
    • Remote Shop Sign: 5k
    • (2017) Minecon Earth T-Shirt: 50k
    • Empire Waffle: 75k
    • PvP Aikar Head: Unknown
    • PvP Krysyy Head: 650k+
    • Rainbowchin PvP Head: 200k+
    • ICC Valentine's Day Head: 1,500,000+ Rupees
    • Orange Krysyyjane Head: 1,500,000+ Rupees
    • Iron Referral Block of Clickyness: 250k+
    • Gold Referral Block Of Clickyness: 350k+
    • Diamond Referral Block Of Clickyness: 450k+
    • Diamond Voter's Block: 600k+
    • Redstone Voter's Block: 600k+
    • Emerald Voter's Block: 600k+
    • Beacon Voter's Block: 600k+
    • Original Dragon Egg: Unknown
    • Dragon Egg: 3,200,000+ Rupees
    • Valentine's Gift: 1,750,000+ Rupees
    • Valentine's Gift (lored): 1,700,000+ Rupees
    • Rose Bouquet: 1,750,000+ Rupees
    • Instructions: 1.000,000+ Rupees
    • A piece of a pyramid: Unknown
    • UHC Golden Apple: 500k+
    Economy Destroying Drop Party
    • Aikar Signature: Unknown
    • Aikar's Head: 500k+
    • ICC Eggnog: 5,000,000+ Rupees
    • Promo Instructions: 1,500,000+ Rupees
    • Promo Instructions: (green text) 1,200,000+ Rupees
    PPP 2014
    • Maxarian Shoes: Unknown
    • Empire Armor Helmet: Unknown
    • Empire Armor Chestplate: Unknown
    • Empire Armor Leggings: Unknown
    • Empire Armor Boots: Unknown
    • Horse ManEwwEr: Unknown
    • Purple Krysyyjane Head: Unknown
    • Purple Aikar Head: 1,000,000+ Rupees
    • Purple People Party Paper: 1.200,000+ Rupees
    • Tales of Eternia: 1,000,000+ Rupees
    PPP 2017
    • EMC's 6th Birthday (krysyy book): 400k
    • Happy 6th Birthday EMC (Aikar book): 250k+
    • Happy 6th Birthday EMC Book: 250k+
    • Purple Krysyy Head 2,000,000+ Rupees
    • Purple Aikar Head: 800k+
    • Purple Power Crystal: 300k
    • Power Armor Helmet: 4,600,000 Rupees
    • Power Armor Chestplate: 4,600,000 Rupees
    • Power Armor Leggings: 4,600,000 Rupees
    • Power Armor Boots: 4,600,000 Rupees

    So many price check on how much promos are worth... Let's see if we can't put a good solid list together. If you all can help me I can maintain this list and keep it up to date.

    Staff Heads Acquisition Forum Page
    CinemaSins Post: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/updated-staff-head-acquisition-thread.74160/
    Price Inquiry Staff Heads Forum Page
    mjnoe70 Post: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/price-inquiry-staff-heads.73297/

    Last Update: January 22, 1:45pm
    If for whatever reason I disappear, someone else should feel free to start a replacement thread linking back to mine so it's easier to move forward with this.

    I am keeping this thread up to date based on input from the community. I am crowd sourcing this list from the entire EMC community. Please feel to keep posting on this thread to help me keep it up to date as things change.
  2. I have a few counter-prices I'd like to add:
    2013 Haunted Head (Hasn't dispensed Candy): 95k+ (stackable)
    2013 Haunted Head (Has dispensed Candy): 90k
    Pi Day Celebration Pie: 25k
    Book of Colors: 700k
    Cupid Spawn Egg (Unused): 35k
    Cupid Spawn Egg (Used): 30k
    2013 Turkey Slicer: 92k
    Netherhound Egg: 200k
    2016 Liberty Sword: 25k
    Lucky Bow: 200k

    New item Prices:
    Purple Power Crystal: 325k (I sold one for that amount)
    T-Virus Vaccine: 100k
    2016 New Years Aikar Head: 300k
    2017 New Years Aikar Head: 400k
    2015 Birthday Cookie: 150k
  3. No need to be rude.

    He's doing us all a favor by starting a new promo pricing thread. Players are more than welcome to give their two cents on pricing adjustments, but it's appreciated if it's done kindly.
  4. Updated
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  5. Ok gonna start off with this little addition to the disclaimer. There seems to be a common misconception across EMC. That staff know everything about the promo market and their word regarding prices is law. That's not the case. In fact, plenty of staff will admit themselves they don't know a thing about promos, and I respect that. However, even if a staff seems to know stuff about promo prices, the fact that they are staff is COMPLETELY irrelevant to the matter. In the economy, staff are not supposed to be any different from players. What Eviltoade buys and sells on an alt is equal to what I buy and sell on my main and what I buy and sell on my main is equal to what SkeleTin007 buys and sells on his main. Just because they have a green tinted name doesn't mean they become these all mighty promo gods. So whether a mod "approved" your list or not, it's not important. I actually went off on a rant about this on Breezy's thread because players were taking his word as law, even though some of the prices there were INCREDIBLY inaccurate. Now to start the minor tweaking that I'm going to be doing, but I have not been incredibly active in the market for everything as I used to be, so I'll only be doing what I am 100% confident on.

    All done, changes in Red Bold, Additions/Tangents are in Red Regular
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  6. so i find this weird and funny
    you said that it looked like he didn't put much time into research
    but like really, you didn't change that much of the prices, meaning he was still right on most of them

    also the mod aproved part isn't about the promo prices i think but about taking over the thread
  7. Actually no, meaning

    I don't know prices for everything spot on, but I've been in long enough to tell you whether or not a price is close to being accurate
  8. I would like to disagree with the changed EmpireMall made regarding the Dragon Poop and Super Dragon Poop.

    Both these items were dropped in recent drop parties by staff, though the wiki doesn't specify which ones. I believe the value should remain at 60k - 65k for those items due to that fact alone.
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  9. well i have been here over 4 years and have been pretty active in the promos and i think he did a pretty good job with this list
    ya some things need a little adjustment but i don't see any big errors
    and with all the promos there is a price range, maybe he wrote down the lower part of that range while you think its more like the upper part

    well after all these years there is one thing that's clear to me about promos
    and that is that there is no set price for any promo
  10. Alli I've been here longer than you, so the age card aint the best one to pull.
    Also you're not wrong with the whole there is no set price for any promo. However there are reasonable limits on anything. A PPP Set of armor will not sell for 500k when people will pay several mil for a set. Just because there is no exact price doesn't mean there is no price range.
  11. didn't mean the age the way you are taking it
    just wanted to state i also know what i'm talking about

    the ppp armor just came out and changed from 500k to maybe 1mil per piece in a matter of days
    any pricing on a recent promo is difficult
    and i'm pretty sure a lot of people bought some parts for 500k from players who didn't wait to sell them
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  12. Updated promo list
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  13. Yay I like promo prices threads, I often need price checks when it comes to promos so its a good thing this is being brought to life again.

    With EmpireMall's change of the original used promo horse prices it would also be a good idea to change the unspawned prices since I figure the unused version is more valuable than the used.
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  14. These lists can get complicated quickly. I think a good thing to do would try to link to a recent thread, be it auction/sell/etc., with what it went for. It's not a 100% accurate measure but a good start. Personal opinions may not always be accurate.
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  15. I changed the Unused prices, not used. Unused is registered as more valuable in my post. You actually list Unspawned as cheaper in your post.
  16. Thank you for noticing that I had put the prices meant for unspawned but put them in spawned and now it's fixed
  17. Yer it's hard to be accurate but I did go over a lot of selling/buying and price checks for a lot of these promos. auction on the other hand can be very random in prices.
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  18. I'd also like to point out that there is absolutely no point whatsoever arguing over a 20% increase or decrease of a promo. It really all depends on the seller and the buyer. I'm sure The_Mancub created this thread as a helpful guideline, not a bloody bible for promo hoarders/collectors.

    Chill out and eat some ice cream, jheez. Good day <3
  19. An item worth more than 1m being put at 500k is not a 20% increase or decrease. Even if it worth a 20% chunk of 1m, that's 200k, which is a decent amount of cash.

    That's exactly what it is. A guideline that people will follow, because on EMC people without knowledge look to those willing to claim they have it. An inaccurate price on the most recent price check can actually change enough of the small guy's opinions to FORCIBLY make it the new price, whether that's what was intended or not. ESPECIALLY if he wrote "Mod Approved" at the bottom of his thread.
  20. you get the fact that this is almost a copy of BreezyMan's promo prices thread so it was Mod Approved that I could copy it so I can keep it up to date
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