[Closed Auction] One gold supporter voucher

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by ShelLuser, Dec 4, 2015.

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  1. Item: Gold supporter voucher
    Starting bid: 100,000r (100k)
    Minimal bid increase: 100r
    Auction ends: 24hrs after last valid bid

    The item can be reviewed at my residence (/v 3544) and as soon as we have a winner I'll replace the preview sign with an access sign for pick up.

    Note: because of the high prize I request payment before pick up (I normally request that you pay before / during / after pick up, whatever works for you).

    The description says it all but check here for an overview of all the perks.

    If you're worried about what will happen when this voucher runs out then check out this guide.

    I normally don't do auction vouchers but in this case a sale would help me out :)

    Happy bidding!
  2. 100k

    Also I'd like it mailed if I win, I'm fine with paying the mail cost.
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  3. 110k
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  4. 120Kr
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  5. 130k
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  6. 130.5k
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  7. 200,100r
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  8. The heat for the gold is on! It started slowly and peaceful around the 100k but it didn't take long for the dark mod to rise (lol!) and raise the stakes a bit.

    Is Gold supporter Prestiged going to extend his golden supportership with his bid of 200,1k or is someone else aiming for the golden prize?

    Ze golden bump will tell!
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  9. Not if I can't stop him! 210k!
    (Best bump ever by the way x'D)
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  10. And the fight continues! Biros in the lead with a whooping 210k rupees.

    In the mean time I'll sit back and relax from turkey season and... yeah :p
  11. And another bump just for good sports but I think I'll also leave it here. Approx. 12 more hours to go, the heat is on :cool:
  12. And the auction has ended with Birosquinha as the winner with his bid for 210,000rupees.

    Please pay me and then I'll set up the access sign so that you can pick up the voucher. I can also mail it to you, in which case I suggest to split the costs (so 25r each).
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