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  1. In the year 2014 on January 3, a civil war broke out in the normally peaceful country of Canada. Why Canada? Because I live there and I feel like making it the country in this game. After months of disagreements between the western provinces/all the territories and the eastern provinces over federal policies, a civil war started, with the west under the WCA, Western Canada Army, and the east under the EPM, Eastern Provinces Militia. British Columbia, (BC) Alberta, (AB), Saskatchewan, (SK), Manitoba, (MB) Yukon Territory, (YT) Northwest Territory, (NT) and Nunavut (NV) are part of the WCA, while Ontario, (ON) Quebec, (QB) New Brunswick, (NB) Newfoundland and Labrador, (NL) Nova Scotia, (NA) and Prince Edward Island (PEI) are part of the EPM.

    *Due to there being ten provinces and three territories, its impossible to give both sides equal "territories" to control, so the WCA has one more than the EPM.*

    Each side has cities to control. The WCA has:

    Prince George

    Red Deer
    Fort McMurry

    Lloydminister (Yes, I know, Lloydminister is right on the border of AB and SK, but lets just say its all part of SK)

    Portage La Prairie

    Dawson City
    Watson Lake

    Norman Wells
    Fort Smith
    Hay River

    Arctic Bay
    Hall Beach
    Clyde River

    EPM towns

    Toronto (Rob Ford not included)


    Saint John

    Labrador City
    Mount Pearl
    Corner Brook
    Deer Lake

    Cape Breton

    North Rustico

    I know, a lot of stuff, but the purpose of the cities/towns is for "land." Your side must control all four of them in a province/territory to take it over. Attacks on towns will be done by me, for you. Lets say the WCA wants to attack Toronto, I will then go to RANDOM.ORG and put the numbers in as 1 as lowest and 12 as highest. The first "roll" will be for the WCA, as their attack roll. I would then roll for the EPM as their defense roll. If they WCA rolls higher than the EPM, then they take the city/town over. If not, the EPM would keep it. This way, the game is completely balanced, besides the WCA having an extra province/territory. This also makes it so the game can be reset once one side wins, so it can be played again. Think about it like a game of Risk or Axis and Allies, but much faster. Now for the rules:

    1: You must have a direct way to attack a province/territory, meaning you can't attack a province you have no access. Lets say you wan't to attack Alberta, well you would either need to capture BC or capture MB and SK. You can attack by water and bypass this, but only in the Hudson Bay, so you can attack across it, or go through the Hudson Strait to attack the maritimes. You CANNOT attack BC by water, this will be explained in the next rule.

    2: You cannot go through the USA. This includes Alaska and the Bering Strait, because Canada has no water in its boarders up there.

    3: After attacking, you must wait a half hour before attacking again, regardless if you took the city/town or not. You are essentially a "Squad", not just one person.

    Fill this out and post it if you wish to play:

    What side:
    Starting location on that side:
    A reason why you picked that side: (Because why not)

    I myself am not playing, but instead managing the game. I can throw in stuff that might aid you or hurt you.

    Now lets have some fun. :)

    *Game will start once we have at least two people on both sides*
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  2. What side: EPM
    Starting location on that side: Ontario
    A reason why you picked that side: (Because why not) I have no idea... EPM sounds cool... Lol... Epic pie moment... HEHEH
  3. I love these games... :p WHY CANADA?! It should have been another country... Just make up your minds...
  4. Because it is, its where I live, so I made it the country for this game.
  5. They should make up their minds on equality.. Not you
  6. Split the frigin territory or something... Whatever
  7. This isn't really happening in real life, I hope you know that. If it was, I wouldn't exactly be sitting here making a game about it, my family would probably be going to the USA.

    And could you please edit your posts together?
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  8. Oh sorry.. Lol I was freaking out... I was going to say my dad would offer you money to come to the USA even though we are almost owned by China... lol
  9. XD
    What Side: EPM
    Starting location on that Side: Ontario
    A reason Why You picked that side: I live on the Eastren Side pf Canada :p
  10. With the server down, nows a good time to join in. :)
  11. If this goes well, I could even change the map for later games to a different country, which could make that game easier to win or harder to win.
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  12. Woooooo
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  13. Candada?
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  14. lol.... ill edit that out
  15. What side: EPM
    Starting location on that side: Toronto
    A reason why you picked that side: (Because why not) Just because I can
  16. Side: WCA
    Starting Location: Vancouver
    Why: I live there
  17. We need more people!
  18. What side: Eastern Provinces Militia
    Starting location on that side: Quebec
    A reason why you picked that side: Because of that glorious Frenchness.

    If I may, I'd like to attack Iqaluit, please.
  19. We still can't play because we need more people on WCA...
  20. Side : WCA
    Starting Location : Regina (Do we start on a province or town?)
    Reasoning for the side : Well, you need people on this side, and why not? :D