City and illegale placed blocks close to it.

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  1. I have a problem, poked already some staff about it. but no answer. And this problem still annoys me.

    I have a city Terra on smp9, i posted a thread on the forum. declared some border lines. neighborn did not have problems with it. I want to have a good nice look with wilderness feeling.

    Now someone pointed me last week at a problem i did not have noticed before because build work on other corner. Someone made ugly bridge from the corner of the island up north. close to my city.
    In this case it's ugly long thin line on the map and also the view in world is bad. so that corner is now useless to build.

    Need to say that i made a rail line that's heading to the island for someone underground weeks ago, only the last part he needed to finish himself. Sadly it's until now not used !

    Some say you can remove the bridge because it's illegal build. but want official confirmation. I dont know who made it.

    Also the other question is how far can it be removed, if you can remove it. i gate the ugly line on live map.

    Also it would be nice if there where more protection rules or better rules what you can do if you have a city and what you cannot do. This is teh second time i have some drama with building from others.

    I want to get rid of the bridge ! that ruin the wilderness look and feel. But how ?
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  2. If it's not within your borders(is the city established?) then it isn't an illegal build. Some people don't have the greatest design ideas in the world but there isn't a whole lot we can do about that other than to teach them how to make prettier designs/builds. If its just a one line bridge to get over the water I would just build an actual bridge that looks nice over it. Can you take a screenshot? I have a lot of time today and wouldn't mind helping "pretty" it up :D
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  3. Yes, that is what i have thinked about to. but it keeps ugly because it's a very very long bridge over ocean. not logic and ugly. But afraid it's the only solution. Better solution is if EMC doing soemthing against griefing like this.

    No it's not established because the hugh distance rules city's cannot establish. And if the can establish the are to far apart from each other to have fun.

    Here's is a picture from live map before after and 3D

    I still prefer to see the bridge disappear.
    And with established outpost the rules are still confusing too.

    But if the bridge looks much better, it can be solution to. then i can add a road to it.
  4. That is pretty long. not really that much of an eyesore though. I don't see why youwouln't be allowed to remove it? It's not a "build" its a lot like the dirt pillars people put up to mark their position imho.
  5. Well, perhaps someone is still using it.
  6. I go bring that rail line up to the surface myself first there so the have alternative route.
    And hope meanwhile some staff gives a better view on it.

    Like i say, some other person (owns big city too) did say tear it down, it illegale build. Just want to know it for sure.

    Well, first the railtrack. It's imprtant to have some connection :O
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  7. I did some research on you and from what I can tell the Terra outpost (smp9) is not established yet. I also need to point out that there already is an established outpost, also called Terra, which resides on smp8. That thread is here (just mentioning this to avoid confusion).

    So basically, if my information is correct we're talking about a regular Frontier build here, no disrespect intended obviously. With regular I'm only referring to the non-established status. Which means that you don't have specific protection and options to keep your town running. Meaning: an established outpost consist of a wider area within which the founder gets to determine the building style. If a player decides to participate and doesn't follow your rules then you have the right to remove his building without this being considered griefing. Note (just extra info): In these situations it is of course highly recommended that you don't just bulldoze someone elses work but first talk to them to try and improve things.

    Bottom line however, but just my 2 cents, I don't think you should be touching that other build. At all. There is a rule about dirt towers which players are suggested to remove, but to my knowledge this doesn't apply to these kinds of bridges. If you're fully sure that the build isn't being used and this really is a major issue (though I cannot fully understand why, but hey; each to his own) then you might want to consider Gawa's suggestion. At the very least you can pretty things up so that the bridge remains in place but simply looks a lot nicer.

    But I'm pretty sure that if you remove this structure that it could be considered griefing. Also because your outpost doesn't seem to be established yet.

    Hope this helps.
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  8. Its not a build, its just a line of blocks, otherwise I would agree its griefing? Building a bridge that long would take days. I also don't understand why its a problem, things like that are all over the frontier, but I probably wouldn't even think twice taking it down. It doesn't seem to really go from/to anywhere and a boat would be much faster anyways :) 3 logs versus like 200 blocks in a line? I know I would use a boat lol
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  9. No offence, but this person isn't the run-of-the-mill newbie.

    They know about Terra. They know about Wrem. They knew about the town that Cooper made.

    I'd bet some rupees (if I was still on) that this build was responsible for the East Wild Griefing of '15.

    Why? (do they know about our towns)

    Because they are on the rails, underneath the land, as we speak.

    They know the area is developed. Therefore they take advantage of our infrastructure.

    My theory.
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  10. Well, i wish i could. but EMC or Mincecraft have the big problem that you cannot identify who owns wich block. Like i can in much different virtual world systems i use. Meanwhile i feel griefed by ugly build bridge.
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  11. My impression is that whoever did it, was passing through, exploring, and didn't have a boat or wood so they cobbled their way across instead of swimming. If it is just a cobble bridge I think you should at the very least have as much right to unmake it as they do to make it. If it is an obstruction to boat traffic then you should have the right to raise it to make it passable underneath.

    It is pretty obvious you have played there longer and invested more time, effort, and care in the area than whoever did this. I find it rather irritating that this person most likely only built it to come and rummage through your chests. They gave little thought to how they would affect you and now you are stuck with an ugly cobble bridge that you are afraid to touch because you are a good person.
  12. Personally I would take it as a blessing because now you don't have to stable your horse to cross that ocean.

    I drain so much money stabling and un-stabling my horse, you have no idea.

    Silver linings...?
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  13. Add on to this for those who may find this in the future. Should it become necessary to take the structure down due to rule violations I strongly that you get a staff member involved in the situation before any demo occurs. If the person comes back to a structure missing they could file a griefing incident. This could *or could not* in mass hysteria for staff to sort out and a headache nobody wants. :)
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  14. Staff is usually pretty good about handling situations like this, addressing the accused before passing judgement. Something like "this" shouldn't really be a problem. If someone does freak out and /report you for taking it down just explain to staff what happened. no reason it should have to be a headache. anyone getting hysterical about a line across some water is going to get hysterical about something anyways. if they built an actual bridge that took more than 2 minutes then just don't touch it. if you feel like you HAVE to take it down for some reason staff is probably going to tell you not too so try to figure out who put it there and talk to them.
  15. destroy the bridge and move it underwater/underground
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  16. There's already a both to the island for a long time. but because soem other person that possible left did not finished it. Im doing it now myself. including rail line. So you can walk and use minecart. And i will place some signs. About the bridge. Keeps hard conflicting one.
  17. I see no issues with taking it down, it is after all just a dirt bridge.
  18. The problem, is possible solved in a nice normal way.
    Talked to builder, that did know more about the bridge and who made it.
    Also finished the rail line and walk path under the sea.

    So, the bridge get removed possible soon, it where made to get easy to wrem.
    My rail line is much more easy, especially if inzonio and wrem finish the last part.

    I think, case solved in a good way how i ,like it. But let's wait until the bridge is gone first.
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  19. Yeah, the bridge is gone :)
    Talked to the other person too. Thanks everybody. Also a good story for other in the wilderness.

    Don't start fighting, but talk first.
    Still suggest that EMC need a better system to know who you need to contact about some block that's placed

    Also give a new alternative option helps too.
  20. I'm glad that worked out well for you!!!