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  1. Ok, after hours and hours looking around and exploring the area.
    I want to announce a new city/state 'Demeter'

    Its close enough other towns / nations in this case wrem. Close enough to make connections to it. its far enough to have some breathing space. And why is the part left not selected. there are a few building in that area. possible belong to wrem.

    i want to keep visible nature as orginal as possible. only in the city area some tree's have a problem.
    But the get replanted on different place. its a bit tight with space.

    i like to work togheter with close towns if there are intressting things, transportation is one.
    But first we need to setup own home. :)

    Note: on the map it say Demeter. but meanwhile its renamed to Terra. The name Demeter is used somewhere else.

    Note added: 2015-04-20, i updated the map image so the correct name is showing now.
  2. State?
    Stateless Nation?
    Nationless State?
  3. Lol, you forgot country.
    Ddont know the right ones for this. Most would call it a nation. but if you look at previous maps, states would be better description.
  4. What?
    When we all agreed, we didn't mean that big!

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  5. U need to re think ya land claiming that is over million by million
  6. Luka,come on SMP9.
  7. Can't atm
  8. That's not even half of what you tried to claim. I think this is a fine claim of land. Much of it is water, and so, there is limited usable space.
  9. Welcome neighbour !! we in wrem are more than happy to help with the construction and development of your new country
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  10. Still can move things. Still can change shape.
    but the other direction only made the distance bigger and maby the size is bigger to.
    I post this layout just because this reason. If its no problem to have a bigger distance i still like to move. offcorse its costing me a few rupees for the locked chests :O i did choiced that borderline because yje watre between it. but i think , moveing a bit further out is no problem. except diustance. but thats fixable.

    or i extend the the place i did have in mind firs because size. and keep the small building in the corner. let me draw other option. Lets say the buiilding i now have could be connection point. maby a small town. from there transit to the new place.

    Let me know asap.

    I have some good idea and suggestion with wrem. more info following.
  11. Now i cannot build further .. :confused::rolleyes: until we have a clear answhere.
    Good time to get a bit more resources.

    Ok. i hope its good idea. means only i need to create a rainforrest someday :p
    First idea where this, i know its on the forum and everybody can see it.
    Lets move on, my first choice where this layout. and still like it. Only the distance is a bit far out.
    I know the space is a bit bigger. but lots is not green.
    and many say stay close with citys. also build already one settler home.

    So if we agree i want to move much up. and optional wrem make a town in the red area where i can keep my settler building. from there its easy with transit to my new place.

    first choice:

    Option, but with borderline more confusing. Distance keep the same as above.
  12. I'm sorry, but your spelling is a little bit questionable. It is readable, but sometimes it looks like random letters appear in the middle of your words.
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  13. Let me check, some spaces are missing. Hope its better now.
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  14. That is quite big :p but then again, no visible other outposts can be seen, so that is appropriate.
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  15. hmmmm ..... we Wremians may build a small shipping settlement in the red zone, but i thought you were building near to the other cities like us ?? this area can be too quite at times, so i would advise you to move closer to us, the main settlements, that way we can keep and eye on development and help in any way possible, also if you are too far out, you may not get players willing to travel out there
  16. Ok. if its fine how the first drawing where. then i stay where am settled now. I got a bit confused about soem things i this topic. thats why i have created backup plan. And i agree, thats why i have picxked that corner. i selected a bit more water, just because i wnat a lighthouse someday on small islands.

    So, if wrem say the first layout is fine. then i can build further. there no other neighborns sofar i know.
    And the distance is perfect for road/track only we nmeed to go underground for the jungle.

    The area looks big, but the really useable space to build on is very tiny. if you dont count the water area.
    and i like it close to wrem and not to close :)
  17. thats brilliant voxel, if you ever need anything, just ask me and dean ... i will get started on a plan for a tunnel or bridge up to you, and create a rail link ... which is vital for development in this region !
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  18. hmmmm... on the livemap, i have spotted a bridge from Inzonio City that reaches your borders and that is a perfect opportunity ... we could redevelop the line and just connect the countries using that, and then save time, money and effort !
  19. Super. I have for at least 500 blocks of railtrack carryied with my from home. need to recount to be sure. think its a bit more. so thats helping much.
  20. We only ended up claiming what we have built...