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  1. Does anyone here have Cities: Skylines? If so, what was the biggest city you've had? I've been playing for about a month now and have had 2 cities, one with 35k as the max population and major traffic problems, and the one I'm currently on has had a maximum population of 52.5k (although I'm at 45k rn, due to a deathwave). Also, if you have Skylines, what mods do you have? I use TM:PE and NExt2.
  2. I have the game, but I keep running into deathwaves and panic and cannot figure it out even with the help of google.. rip
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  3. deathwaves happen to everyone, you always recover
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  4. But I am not recovering lol... I just quit this past summer cause I went into debt
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  5. Currently playing a city with 94k population and some extreme traffic issues. Plus some raw material issues. I don't play with mods cause they disable achievements.
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  6. On the topic of death waves -

    Another way to get rid of the death wave issue - ignore that tri-color bar entirely once you're past very early game. Build things in a proportional balance for the type of city you want, and only build a little at a time. You're going to wind up blasting out half your early game build eventually anyway as time goes on to resolve traffic and add fun things.

    I tend to like doing tourism based cities because they're prettier. I think I've one city where the only industrial I have is a very small farm and lumber region. DLC wise, I tend towards the eco/green one, and if I'm just doing creative, the Park Life one is fun.
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  7. What's a death wave, and what causes it?? :p
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  8. It's when a large portion of the population of your city dies, all around the same time. Here's what the link that khixan posted says:
    1, Whenever you build new residential zones, only adults move in. The first time you build residential, you are creating your first population bubble, a large percentage of your population that is the same age.

    2, Those adults have children at the same time, which becomes your second population bubble.

    3, the population bubbles age. When the first bubble of adults become seniors, their children become young adults, when those seniors start dying, their children become adults and start having children, growing a new bubble.

    4, When adults start having children, your population starts rising, and they demand more housing.

    5, you build more residential zones, which atract new adults from outside of the city. This is like throwing oil on a fire. You are adding new adults on top of a bubble of adults, making the situation worse.
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  9. The game asks for different zones, and the problem lies in the residential "boom", and then that boom having kids resulting in a second "boom". You wind up with a big segment of the population all being the same age. Down the road, they all die at basically the same time. Don't ask me why they coded it that way (everyone moving into the city being the same exact age and then having kids at the same point, and dying at the same point).
    Once your city is already built up, it's nearly impossible to get rid of the resulting death waves. The only thing I've found to mitigate it is to work around it early on and not build a lot of residential all at once. That is a challenge at the very start of the game when you need tax income from residential, and the only thing the game "wants" is residential. Later in the game, a death wave can overwhelm the crematoriums and/or graveyards. Then you've got corpses piling up in various locations preventing them from generating income.
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  10. I should really check this game out sometime, it seems like I'd really like it. Only two problems: it costs money, and I really shouldn't find another thing I can spend way too much time on right now. :p It is however still the only game that's on the back of my mind for if I'd ever like to find another game to play. :)
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    I'd love to get this, but I have an aversion to games so flooded with DLC - the "complete" version is around $120 at this point, I think? - so it's unlikely I'll be able to pick it up until they do a massive price slash on the full bundle. I hate feeling like I'm 'missing' content, even if it ends up being content I never use...
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  12. I have it, but I've never really gotten far into it. I think after my first death wave I just gave up, and didn't really get back into the game.
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  13. Never played it but heard a lot from it.
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  14. If you have a Switch, you can buy the base game plus the After Dark and Snowfall dlc. All for 40.00 USD.
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  15. The DLCs are not needed. That said, I would recommend 2 of them that I have. A bundle was on steam sale and I picked some up for super cheap. Most of the DLCs amount to "a new tree!", "a new decorative building!". oooh eeeh ahhhh

    Here's the ones I have and what they do.
    Green Cities - I like pretty cities, and this one has the power sources and water tools that don't turn large map sections to "mud" when you look at your city. Hooray, less mud! That said, it is mostly an aesthetic one and does not impact gameplay aside from a tweak to noise pollution from roads and adding recycling to garbage collection.
    After Dark - Adds lights, commercial buildings with neon, improved shadows. Your city looks more interesting at night. It also adds new regions like tourism, nightlife, etc. It adds some new road types and policies (encourage biking!). This one does make building a tourist destination city easier.
    Parklife - Design your own parks! This one is a hoot in creative. I have not tried using it in a normal game. It does not impact any gameplay mechanics.
    Snowfall - This one was disappointing to me. I'd thought there would be seasons in it. There aren't. In a nutshell, play a city in perpetual winter with the added challenge of cold and snow. Welcome to Antarctica.
    Pearls From The East - Adds some buildings. Again, this one was disappointing to me. I thought my city would be morphed into an oriental looking paradise. Nope. There's a panda enclosure...

    TLDR; Get Green Cities and After Dark. You don't even "need" these two, but they are nice to have. Grab them when a bundle of them go on sale so you wind up only paying $2 to $3 for each one.
    After you're sick of playing the game, Parklife adds a whole new level of micromanagement that is enjoyable.
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  16. Completely forgot I made this thread :p Sorry for the bumps :oops:
    Now having 175+ hours on record, and being my most played non-Minecraft game, I can now say what my favorite DLC and mods are:
    The Mass Transit DLC is pretty fun. It doesn't add anything drastic, but I like just having a random monorail line run through the middle of my city :p
    Natural Disasters is also fun when you just want to have a little fun. Save the game and strike some meteors in the Downtown. ;)
    country roads, take me home, to the place, I belong (RTGame)
    I currently use the following mods for the game:
    • TM:PE. Saved me quite a few times when I've had really bad traffic problems.
    • A few of Timboh's Interchange Emporium interchanges. The T-Bone, Y-Stack and Diverging Windmill are ones I use a lot.
    • Citizen Lifecycle Rebalance. Gets rid of pesky deathwaves :)
    • A few cosmetic mods like 12/24 Hour Clock, Automatic Bulldoze v2, Pause on load, 81 tiles, Precision Engineering, and Demand Master (which I only use every once in a while)
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  17. Country roads, take me home, to the place where I belong. (who gets that reference?)

    Just like Tom, I never played the game, though I would defenetly want to try it one time :)
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  18. RTGame. I even have it in the post above yours (not edited)
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