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  1. I'm going to go ahead and say that would be a bad idea.
  2. Well, the Christians get a thread, why don't the atheists?
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  3. Except this hasn't been a Christian thread, it's been an argument thread.
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  4. I think an atheist thread would be ok, as an atheist discussion thread. But an atheist thread as retaliation probably isnt the best idea.
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  5. Yes, it's been an argument over whether threads about topics like this and the way the thread is kept on track, ICC says they're allowed to do this, hence I'm allowed an atheist thread.
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  6. Allowed =/= Good idea

    In theory, I'm allowed to jump in lava. Doesn't mean I should.
  7. Oh, and you should, you REALLY should. :p
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  8. You should make one.
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  9. I would, but there appears to be opposition.
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  10. I know what a kernel is i just didn't see how it fit in with the sentence
  11. Sorry I guess I should have specified that was just for a general explanation to people who didn't get it. :/
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  12. Those choosing to post against this thread or insulting other players are going to find themselves on the end of my Ban Hammer from here on....
    Any questions....
    Now be nice and follow what this thread was supposed to be about in the first place... or... Stay Out of it!
    Thank You
  13. Amen to that! Agree completely. Thanks for a well thought out and well reasoned post on this thread that has clearly gotten out of control.
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  14. I just want to congratulate the staff on the moderation this thread has gotten. When I first read it a couple hours ago, it was beginning to degrade into a pointless discussion and attempts to make others feel bad. Now I've read it again and found a collection of decent posts that form an educated discusion of a very nice subject. So again my congratulations to staff for the great moderation.
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  15. Thank you for your time and effort, I think it's worth it.

    Very true. I'd add:
    The notion, that you need to push aside your mind / reason / intellect / understanding / sense / sanity in order to believe or make place for faith is very wrong and is contrary to Christian values. The explanation of this idea is usually that humans mind / intellect is limited and misleading, and only "true faith" can bring one on the right way.
    Human mind / intellect is the only thing we have here, it is the necessary prerequisite to grasp the notion of faith and religion. IMO, a request to push reason aside for the matter of faith is kind of sure sign of a bad / crazy / misleading preacher or a false prophet.
    If anyone here does not see how dangerous and wrong that idea is and wants that explained, I'll try to explain in more detail.

    Well, I don't think that would be so simple. (I have a better list somewhere, if anyone needs it right now ;))
    With each question "is it a sin?" you need to ask and explain why...

    Wrongfully ... knowing or not knowing or being ignorant and not checking...

    can be good one, but what kind of regret
    (if you regret that you did not steal something, well ... :))

    ... for example to save your or someones life? ;)
    Lying is not a sin per se, it depends ...

    Perhaps, but socializing and being a part of a community, writing useful postings is a good thing to do, isn't it :)
    Having play time is important as well :)

    You have to make some compromises :D ;)

    Well, that would be a sin :)

    This is important: development, using your brain, intellect, observing, learning, changing, building ...
    ... digging, enchanting, killing creepers ... ;) ... joking, laughing ... learning, developing

    The best you can do is give examples yourself, show others how on your own example.

    and persistent ... learn, work, pray, learn, work pray. Be intelligent, develop your intellect.
    And have fun :)

    Yes it will!

    In religion, it is not different. It's called theology - systematic and rational study of religion. It means using observing and reason to find out as much as possible. Of course, that does not mean that a scientist (a theologian) can't be crazy as well. :)

    I'd say this is a quite sure symptom of weakness, of derailing and craziness.

    Examples from physics are always wiggly waggly ground...

    True - it might be a sign of movement through higher dimensions.

    That is a different problem. And a very big problem.
    The problem is when you try to take biblical texts literally. Or if you have the crazy idea that the biblical texts were dictated by God himself. Christians (most?) believe that the people who wrote the biblical texts were inspired by Holy Ghost, by God. But all those texts, all those messages, were written from people for people, and every author did write those texts with intention to convey a message as good as he can. In a language, in his mind set, thinking about people who will read it.

    When you read the bible, you need to learn and think and learn and think
    - who did write this?
    - to whom, for whom?
    - in what language, society, tradition, mentality, circumstances?
    - why, with what intention?
    - what the meaning, what the inspiration, what message might be?

    You must learn how to interpret those texts, as it is all but easy to understand the language, mentality, mind set, intentions etc. of those inspired people who lived more than 1500 or several thousand years ago.

    If you read the bible literally, without adequate interpretation, you can be sure that you will misunderstand it, like that sect that dances with snakes and gets bitten and killed.

    Again, biblical texts are stories written by people for people. If the authors did not know anything about dinosaurs, then they did not write about them, no matter how inspired they were. They used other animals to convey some message. Do you know what was the symbol of immortality and divinity to old Semites? The snake. If you want to understand biblical texts, you need to learn about people who wrote them.
    Does that seem hard? Well, it is.
    But ignoring that and taking bible literally is just cowardliness and craziness.

    Provided that it is constantly cultivated and educated, it is the highest authority for any Christian.

  16. Well, that was a wonderful display of authority. Before I go, unless if I am dragged in again, I have one question for any Christians. Why do you believe? I have seen so many people are just born into it, and kinda just follow their parents. To put it bluntly, the reason I don't strongly believe is that I have never seen a miracle.
  17. If i offend anyone in any way im sorry but to answer youre question sneeker, when people decide to believe in Jesus christ as the son of God and you only go to heaven though him, Its like a deep stirring in your heart (or mind whatever). Its like when you realize the answer to something and it just pops up and you want to pursue it.

    Also if you are not christian god still loves you and so do I, everyone has the chance to believe and its ok if you choose to say no to that. I will be praying for all of you.

    Thank you.
  18. Thats the interesting thing with christians. Even if they think something is wrong or someone is doing something wrong, they pray for them
  19. This is a very complex question because there are so many things you might or might not believe, on many levels.
    There are many different motives.
    And there is a whole spectrum of degree of "believe."

    A possible trivial answer could be - because a person thinks / feels / finds that it she/he will be better off overall with the beliefs.

    Or finds that a set of beliefs is in concordance with her/his observations.

    Or a person just wishes to believe ... well that's not really believing.

    Specifically, Christianity is so good, that there is even Christian atheism.
    This is already "believing" of a distinct degree.

    Another answer was already given in the thread - if you believe (or just pretend to believe, if you want) and follow the teachings of Jesus, you lose nothing, you only gain.
    I personally think (and believe) that following the teachings brings salvation, not believing in this or that.

    Miracles don't matter, and at the same time, you are surrounded by miracles. :)
    The central point in the religion is humanity, its survival and development of the culture.
    So, do you find that Christianity is the best model (you know of) for the development of humanity?
    (I do think so.)
    Starting from there, you can find out what you believe and what not.

    Because it is good for everyone and all together.
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