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  1. guys thank you for not letting this thread turn into how the atheist thread ended up: closed. (no offense 72volt)
    now it is getting back on track :')
  2. that is our job. God says in the Bible to pray for those less fortunate than us. either it being with money, food, life, or just pure lacking of faith.
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  3. I feel the same. I am a through-and-through Christian, and I try to help others as much as can. Even when there's no saving those who can't be saved, we sure as hell can try.
  4. I can answer that. NO. :)
  5. Also, I believe a screw cannot go into a screw. But that's just MY opinion.....
  6. bump of a thread that was last active almost a year ago....
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  7. This thread has long since died, I think it might be best to not rekindle the arguments.
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  8. ...... I had no idea.
    I fell stupid now, I guess.

  9. This was uncalled for
    Can happen to anyone. Just be careful of the red warning text in the future :)
  10. NOT Nice! :(
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