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  1. i wasn't trying to. If i did, i apologize for that.
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  2. I believe you mean that you respect his choice?...
  3. yes. exactly.
  4. Okay, this is an impossibility. I think what you mean is that you don't believe in God and Jesus, but you try to live by the moral standards set by them. CHRISTianity's defining factor is the believing in Christ part, not the moral standard. There are many forms of Christianity, and some like Catholicism and Lutheranism have a lot of rules, I don't believe that that is Biblical, but if its those rules your living by, you're still a 100% Atheist. Christian Atheist is an impossibility.
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  5. So you believe we are all going to hell, you are superior to us, and this is respect?
  6. What am i considered? I believe in god, and in a jesus. I believe in the overall moral theme of the bible, but find many of the stories to sound like bologna**. I find a lot of the restricting rules absolutely ridiculous. I dont follow organized religion, because that is full of spoon-fed beliefs, and i like to create my own. But, i believe while knowing that we DEFINITELY dont need a god to exist. In almost all religions, god comes first on the timeline. Thus it must be made from nothing. So if something as powerful and complex as a god can be created from nothing, why cant we or the universe have come on the scene on our own?

    ** I find the overall theme of the bible to be generally good. I think people who read it as a nonfiction source are missing the point, IMO. Think about it like this:
    Johnny: You smell like fudge puddles!!
    Wendy: *Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*
    The main point of that isnt "Telling people that they smell like fudge puddles will make them cry.", the main point is "Telling people not nice things can hurt their feelings." Why take the bible so literally, when its the overall theme that matters?
    Edit: I honestly am confused as to what im classified as =P
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  7. Because when you do not interpret it literally, I would have seven angry bishops biting at my heels for not seeing " the true vision of god."
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  8. this thread has already gotten interesting :)
  9. I really think that classifications are un-important. Like you, disagree with the rules that many denominations have literally made up. However, I am a Christian whereas you seem kinda undecided. But, if you believe that God created the world, Jesus is His son, that that he died for us and believing in Him is the only way to Heaven, then you are a Christian. Whether or not you interpret the Bible literally or not, or somewhere in between, you can still be a Christian. Christians argue among themselves about this. Just make sure you have the important stuff. ;)
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  10. This is why I hate religion with a burning passion. Some people believe one thing, others believe another and are killed because of it. Just a question, why is there alot of fossilized proof of evolution and not even a grain of proof of a single God's existence?
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  11. There is no evidence for God. But lots of evidence for science's finding's and God is just say the puppet master the Bible shows him as. He has never been seen or heard other than when people have 'visions' or 'dreams' about him. Were more likely they have seen something triggering their brain's creative thinking thing, and dream about him speaking. This is more common because of TV and people getting the image from TV. We only know him as we think we know him or as the Bible portray's him.
  12. Im not religious, but I personally do not like it when people say this. Demanding proof for belief is against the cornerstone of faith. If I were to truly believe God exists, then it would be because I have the faith to believe so. If there were a powerful omnipotent being, he wold have the ability to keep his existence hidden, relying on true faith for his followers. Keep in mind that I am not religious, but being so does not make you a bad person. In the end of it all, someone will be right, why not just live a good life regardless? If my life ends and am face before a judgement, and being a good person was not enough, then it was a not a religion I want to be a part of anyways.

    The real point is, this thread was meant as a christian thread, not a 'I demand proof of God' thread. It is off topic, and will be deleted. If your goal is to just come here to argue with the OP, your post will be deleted. Excessive attempts will result in further punishment. Just because you may not be religious, does not mean you have to attack someone who is. Let the divides lie. This is honestly the only warning that will be given.
  13. For those of us who believe the Bible to be 100% true we know that God is real, and He was seen and talked to by Adam and Eve when they were in the Garden of Eden. And I'd like to see your scientific evidence that hasn't been fabricated. Charles Darwin himself said that if a "missing link" couldn't be found in his lifetime then his theory was false.
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  14. Just going to point out that your argument is just as bad as his is. Proof is individual. What is true to you may not be true to him. Basically what most Atheists are trying to say, is that the bible has less evidence support than a new wiki page. Which is true, it has no support. But thats what FAITH is for. For believers, you dont need proof.
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  15. Daxter, that is your warning, please do not insult other people. You have to follow the same rules regardless of your beliefs. Saying insults like 'I dont care what your public education taught you' will not be tolerated. Do not get a thread closed because you could not behave yourself.
  16. In my religion, Catholic, we believe that the non-Catholics will be accepted into Gods gates, even if they are not Catholic. We are the ones who are suppose to educate other people and to follow the "Universal" faith. Now, for people that were Catholic and turned down the Catholic faith, unless asked for forgiveness, they will parish into hell.
  17. But you know, no one likes Catholics so....

    Even JFK was a Catholic and he got shot, soooo.(Well it was more the U.S.A. vs. USSR, but you know.)
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  18. I don't think that really has to do with why he was shot and a bit off topic...
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