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  1. this christian thread is a thread for christians (or any beliver) to come and find encouragement in the Lord. you can post songs, pics, or links to encourageing things here.
    PLEASE NOTE!!: if you don't belive, then please don't post your opinion in this thread.

  2. What country you located? Jtc
  3. why would i tell a terrorist that? xD
  4. sorry, i like my church :)
  5. Its always good to go to others and share our experiences.
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  6. Well, seeing as the fact that this is a christian thread and nobody has posted anything related to the bible, let me be the first to do so: John 11:35: Jesus wept. (King James Version) This verse undeniably proves that Jesus is human.
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  7. Does anyone know where I can learn more about Christianity besides a church?
  8. The internet.
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  9. The Christian Bible - or History Channel (Roman Catholics, Italian, Old England, Pilgrims, The pope.. etc history)
  10. Depends what you are looking for. Want someone elses views? Find various types of Christianity and i guess read up on it. Want your own views? Determine what makes sense to yourself, and build your own guidelines off of general morals. You could also look for a common textbook for a secular world religions class, but that might be pretty boring.
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  11. The Bible.
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  12. He wants to learn ABOUT it. That would be like trying to learn about Java code by reading the code. If he wants to know how it works, he should look for outside sources.
  13. Jesus talks about how to become a christian in the Bible and he tells many parables about christianity.
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  14. Its a very biased source. Looking from the outside in is a better way IMO to first learn about it. Then he can decide if he wants to use the bible.
  15. i'm wondering on a view point ... what would jesus or god do ... if i don't necessarily believe in the christianity belief or the religion period - but i don't deny he doesn't exist?
  16. I'm just going to share my experience and I don't mean it to be rude or try to start a debate. I have ran into others who have been in my shoes as well.

    Ever since I was born I went to church every Sunday until I was 8. I stopped when my grandparents divorced and the church looked down on my grandmother for not staying married to her abuser and kicked her out. I went a few times with friends, the pastors there were all thieves and liars. They favored people over one another. I went with my aunt until I was about 17 and then her church kicked her out because her husbands left her to be an unwed mother to two kids with different dads. The church I went to after that I got caught up in, did everything I could with them until I realized one day that they were hypocritical. They would have games and the pastor's team won every single one and then gloated about it. They didn't talk about full stories in the news. I watched as my friend's husband spent all day at the church office and then came home long enough to change and then go play soccer at the YMCA until dinner which left her at home to homeschool their three small children, have time for herself, take care of chores etc. Many of them had several children and would say things like "we need to pray for money to go on this trip." Yet they had just went to the Apple Store or Starbucks. Every church taught me to hate everyone and if I said "But why?" I was told "THE BIBLE SAYS SO."

    Now I know that was a huge paragraph of Negativity but I wrote it to help explain this next one. I haven't been to either of those churches in years. I have done my own searching, read things and taken them as I perceived them, not how I was told. I don't hate anyone unless they deserve it such as killers and all that. I don't preach at others and I don't think my religion is superior. I currently only go to a church on Tuesday nights for a dinner for the needy and they have prayer and a small devotional. They accept people for who they are and don't ridicule or make others feel bad as most of my experience has been or anything like that. They don't freak out that I have never been Baptized. (I'm scared of water).
    I have never understood how we're supposed to worship and follow someone who hates so much.

    People always argue that "If they aren't Christian they don't believe in God" but how do we know? Maybe the name they use is the way to say that name in their culture? Is how I've always looked at it.
  17. Yes, this a million times yes.
  18. I don't remember ever going to church so if I did it was because I was too little to remember. I didnt have a great middle or high school experience because i would get bullied a lot, once i even got pushed off the bleachers just because i was "sitting in his seat". I was always called ugly and never made many friends because of it (the few i do have now, i cherish). My ex boyfriend/now best friend tried to get me to go to church, so I did it for him. Once i got there i looked around and all the people who bullied me and still do were in that church. I stayed the whole time and then that Monday at school i got made fun of by those people.

    What im trying to say is, you cant Sin through the week then ask forgiveness on Sundays. yet i saw it happen every day not just once or twice.

    Right when i was giving up on God and belief some amazing people came into my life during my sophomore year. None of them went to a church, they learned by the internet or other sources. One was Buddhist, two Muslim, three Atheist, one Catholic, and one Christian. They treated me with respect and were never hypocritical towards each other.

    Saying YOUR religion is superior is wrong, but the only fact you have to back it up is "I read the bible I go to church." is disgracing all those with in your religion.

    No religion is superior, we are all equal. In fact im not a religion but i believe in God. I refuse to classify myself.
  19. Churches have started to 'adapt' the Bible for modern day people. Because we have a decline in religion people are divorcing, having abortions and things against the Bible so changes are being made.

    Oh and I dare you to say that I cant comment because of the other thread.
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  20. I've spent time on many forums, and from the instant I saw this thread I knew it was going no where but down hill.

    I am a strong Christian, but what I do know is that no unbeliever is going to be led to Christ by a forum argument, and that no matter what, the Christians always loose in these debates, because Christianity is based on faith and relationship, not scientific fact, which is what nonbeleivers always end up demanding in these argument.

    This is not going to accomplish anything other than pissing people off, and the Empire should be a place where everyone is happy and unicorns frolic among lillies and poop rainbows, not pointless religious argument.

    Finally, you can't say "no non-Christians post here." First, there's absolutely NO chance of that happening, and people are entitled to say what they want.

    If you're looking for spiritual encouragement, I would suggest finding people in RL, because I can say from personal experience that the Internet will never provide that.
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