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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Dr_Chocolate, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. Welp, I'm banned... XDDD

    No, I didn't actually use illegal mods in any game of UHC. There is no reason I would. I like to PvP and I like playing with friends on here, so I wouldn't risk that opportunity for some ten minute glory. I've disputed my ban, but since I can't see the evidence being used against me or understand it in the way it's being described, I can't provide a viable defense. Therefore I'm remaining banned and I'm not going to own up to something that I didn't do.


    I DID xray on EMC's main server. @Staff, Surprise! Surprise! Can't believe you didn't catch that. This was after a close friend got banned for illegal mods. We made the appeal/dispute public and I ended up not feeling to fond of the staff. Things got very heated between me and him versus the staff:
    I really didn't want to play the main server after that - I still don't - so I went out to the wastelands and hauled over a DC of diamonds in a few days. I didn't bother making it look like I wasn't xraying, I dug left and right, straight into diamond veins. Here's a screenshot from what I compiled within 30 minutes.

    Note the voter's gear, it's not fake nor would I take the time out of my life to fake it, haha.

    The reason for this thread is so my reputation is not tarnished by something I didn't do - xray and ruin other people's game, but something I did - xray because I didn't care, it didn't affect anyone, I still have possession of all the diamonds. So anyhow, it's been nice knowing y'all. I'll see you guys around on the forums, I still plan to stay on here for a while. Please do not use this thread to debate over my ban, just wanted to come clean to you guys.
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  2. Sounds remarkably similar to a post made by another banned member, except the timing was different. It even included the words "coming clean" in the title.

    I believe this is what they call "inspiration." Or "plagiarism," one of the two.
    I totally would do that.

    See you in Hell, fellow x-rayer.
  3. I can be very clear with topics like these: where there's smoke, there's fire. And when someone gets banned we always get to hear only 1 side of the story: from the person who got banned and who obviously opposes said ban, no offense intended.

    As to x-raying... Either they didn't catch it, or they chose not to act on it just yet. You can't rule either option out. Even so: the comment alone only adds to what Boulder said in my opinion.

    My advice: take it up with the staff member who banned you, and optionally appeal on:
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  4. The xraying is from April. They obviously didn't catch me.
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  5. Except (and I'm being petty here) you did. Depending on how many diamonds you took out of the wastelands many new players and old could have dug up those ores. You essentially cheated players old and new alike from possible resources. And since you said that you did XRay over a DC of diamonds and with at least fortune 3 there's a good amount of ores that no one else can harvest thanks to you. (Just something to think about.)
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  6. Waste gets reset kind sir, I don't think we are that low on resources for it to be that big of an issue. Haven't seen any issues from this. The results from that dc are so minor it really does not matter. You could say the same to someone who had tons of items and died on their way back. All gone. Or an old timer who went derelict with tons of stuff on their res. New people could have gotten it sure, but there is always more.
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  7. Oh I clearly understand that it's not THAT big of an issue and certainly shouldn't make or break anyone from continuing on with the game, but to say that him XRaying for illegal products/resources isn't affecting anyone isn't true. Any other player could've gotten those. And your point about a player getting it and then dying may be true but it certainly isn't comparable to this where the player got the resources illegally and then was banned. Boom, potential resources that any legal tending player of EMC could've grabbed instead of someone who used mods is now stolen from the people of EMC.
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  8. If you didn't get banned for using x-ray, what did you get banned for?
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  9. I love it, good job for doing the opposite I did!

    Emc can be a safer place without us running around.
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  10. I did get banned for xray. But I didn't actually xray. I didn't use any banned mod at UHC.

    I did xray back in April, on the main server, for which I never got caught.
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  11. All those diamonds. Glad you didn't get banned from UHC though. ;)
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  12. Even if you are trying to appeal you kinda messed up just stating you did xray which is a self confession. Obviously you don't care if you were caught or not, but that is my take on what your saying.

    You were caught for illegal mods 4 months later. It doesn't matter, you were banned. End of story.

    Hope your re-appeal goes well in 6 months.
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  13. The dispute failed. I couldn't disprove the "evidence" since I couldn't see it and I didn't understand how it was described.

    I'm not reappealing lol. I'm done.
  14. lol bye
  15. I must admit we had our differences in EMC, but I hope in life you have a good future
  16. r.i.p also what texture pack is that xD I like the apples.
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  17. I don't remember honestly. That screenshot is months old. I do remember throwing some random textures together. Here's the apple texture if you want:
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