[Challenge] Trading a Paperclip to a House

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  1. Hello! A while back in 2015 there was this guy that did a TED talk about how he traded a paperclip for a house over the course of 14 trades. I am looking to do a experiment here on EMC!

    My plan is to start with a cake and trade from there. I don't know how many trades it will take, but my hope is to get to a diamond supporter voucher! I know this seems ambitious, but I think it's a fun challenge.

    Here are the rules I will need to follow:
    1. I have 1 year to trade
    2. I can only trade with someone after 3 months
    3. I can only use items that have been traded to me (no adding new items from my personal storage)
    4. No trading with rupees / Bartering items and services only
    5. Items I trade must be reasonably in a similar price range
    6. Public farms are available for my use
    7. I can trade with villagers as many times as I want with no wait time

    Now here is where YOU come in!
    I think it would really be cool for as many people to participate best they can :D The following are what you can trade:
    • Items
    • Kits (ex. Shulker Box named "farm kit" with cows, sheep, seeds, and a wooden hoe)
    • Service Promises (ex. A paper that says "IOU a build favor -Smooshed_Potato)
    Please PM me with questions regarding something you want to trade, but are unsure if it meets requirements. Please PM me with a trade offer and i'm sure we can work things out!

    Current Items
    • 1 Stack Red Concrete, 1 Stack Orange Concrete, 1 Stack Yellow Concrete, 1 Stack Lime Green Concrete, 1 Stack Blue Concrete, and 1 Stack Purple Concrete
    • 1 Vault Voucher
    • 1 SC Stone (27 stacks)
    Trade List
    Cake --> 3 Sheep Spawn Eggs (Kryarias Jun. 26, 2019)

    2 Sheep Spawn Eggs --> Totem of Undying (Gaming_Commander Jun. 28 2019)

    1 Sheep Spawn Egg --> Villager Spawn Egg and 1 Stick (Hazardous_Code Jun. 29 2019)

    Totem of Undying --> 1 DC Potatoes, 1 DC Carrots, 1 DC Wheat, 14 Stacks of Pumpkins, 15 Stacks of Melons (KatyDidBuild July 9 2019)

    The Crops --> 814 emeralds, 4 pumpkins, 5 melons, 6 potatoes, 6 carrots, 56 cookies, and 3 cakes (Villager)

    814 Emeralds --> Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending), Diamond Shovel (Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending), and a Diamond Axe (Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending) (4thofJurhy July 11, 2019)

    Diamond Shovel (Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending) --> 1 Stack Red Concrete, 1 Stack Orange Concrete, 1 Stack Yellow Concrete, 1 Stack Lime Green Concrete, 1 Stack Blue Concrete, and 1 Stack Purple Concrete (thefriedmans July 20 2019)

    Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending) , Diamond Axe (Efficiency V, Silk Touch, Unbreaking III, Mending), and 56 cookies --> 1 Vault Voucher (boscodo Aug. 4 2019)

    4 pumpkins, 5 melons, 6 potatoes, 6 carrots, and 3 cakes --> 1 SC Stone (27 stacks) (wafflecoffee Aug. 5 2019)
  2. I saw that TED talk, it was pretty cool. Maybe add a rule about trade limits. Like you can't trade an Iron Voucher for just a stack of string. The value would need to be at minimum equal + a bit more. That way you can gradually increase instead of someone just giving you a diamond voucher near the start.
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  3. I agree with ThaKloned, I'm afraid it is too easy to give things away on EMC. :p
  4. Does this mean you can only trade with someone a total of twice, or twice in a 3 month period?

    I am excited to see how this goes!
  5. I think this is a great idea! I've tried this before on EMC and got quite a bit stuff but never stuck with it... However I would love to participate and try to trade a Lava Bucket to a Permanent Derelict Voucher! :eek: Also would using your items be allowed if so I think this challenge could be made a little easier.

    For an example would be trading the lava bucket for say... 4 emeralds then using the emeralds with a villager for xp bottles then trading the xp bottles to someone. Also could eventually trade for a Enchanted Pickaxe and use it to mine stone at a stone gen then trade the used pickaxe and the stone.

    What do u think? Would that be allowed? :rolleyes:
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  6. I think so
  7. My opinion is, maybe go for something a big higher up than a diamond voucher, maybe like a derelict voucher like sefl said or a expensive staff head :)
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  8. So true. Added a rule!
    Ahh, thanks for catching this. Somehow the word "twice" was thrown in.
    I considered this, and I will allow it :D It would still technically fall under rule #3
    I will definitely try, though I think it may be a tad ambitious ;)
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  9. Wanna trade the cake for 3 sheep eggs?
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  10. Just traded my Lava Bucket for 1 Stack each of the following - Carrots, Potatoes, and Pumpkins.... :D
    I then traded the stacks for 16 emeralds from a villager and in turn traded the 16 emeralds for 56 exp bottles and 6 glowtsone :eek: Pretty good deal if I must say so myself... ;)
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  11. Sure thing :D
    I do believe that I must trade to get a villager egg in order to trade. Also, if I want to eggify the villager I need to trade for wood and make sticks, or trade for sticks
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  12. Bump! I have 3 sheep eggs for trade!
  13. I think your 'twice' wasn't wrong, but you meant the 'again' sense. Now it kind of sounds like you can't trade with anyone before 3 months have passed. :p But it's fine, I think it's clear what you mean. :)

    Hm, I don't need sheep spawn eggs, but if you get a music disc later, I'm interested. ;)
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  14. Bump! I don't have to trade all the sheep. Perhaps someone wants to trade 2 sheep eggs for 6 bottles of enchanting?
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  15. Sheep are gone :D Now I have a totem of undying (for trade) and a villager + stick (to hold on to)! We are accomplishing getting bigger and better!
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  16. I think you should use the villager and find out what he is, then I will offer you trading materials for the villager.

    (I have tons of paper and dc of flesh or some gold or coal ) In exchange for the totem, I guess. Although, I do love sticks :p
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  17. Bump! Will take your advice Katy!
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  19. Just an update: I am currently growing and re-eggifying the villager until I get a good trade :)
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