One Dirt Block

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  1. Ever hear of that story of the guy who started with one red paperclip, and traded it for something, then traded that for something else, until he ended up with a 2 storey house?

    Well, I'm trying that on EMC, starting with the least valuable item in Minecraft: a dirt block. Here's a picture.

    (I plan to change my skin back to classic Volt skin soon. At some point.)

    Post your offers here, and I'll keep you up to date as I make each trade.
    I will not accept rupee offers, only physical items in Minecraft. If you want to offer me rupees, just spend the rupee sum you want to give me on diamonds or something, and give that to me. :)

    If you must copy my idea, just advertise your available dirt block in this thread, we could make it into a megathread. I'm just conscious of the Product forums being filled with paperclip-trading parodies and few actual deals, that's all. :)

    Alrighty then, let the offers begin! ^_^

    Trades done so far:
    1. One dirt block.
    2. Fifty-four lava buckets.
    3. Five diamond blocks (in progress).
  2. Reminds me of that show Barter Kings.
  3. Would you trade your special dirt for one of my special iron ingots?
  4. I offer two dirt blocks.
  5. I offer a SC of melon slices.
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  6. I offer you a piece of wood.
    In unrelated news, you found a wikipedia page that doesn't lead to philosophy. Click here if you have no clue what I am talking about. Nevermind. It does reach philosophy.
  7. I offer 0 rupees
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  9. Offer revoked. Logic of jacob is too good.
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  10. I'll offer a stick.
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  11. I think my offer tops all of yours.. I offer a DC of lava buckets. ;) Two Pieces of sugar
  12. These offers ruin the point because you are supposed to build up slowly.
    If someone came to you with a paperclip in real life you wouldn't trade them your diamond wedding ring, would you?
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  13. I've heard that story.
    I'll offer a piece of glowstone dust.
  14. If you fllow that link and scroll down there's a straw millionaire link. I feel like it's more possible without the "god of mercy" part in the beginning.
  15. I can offer 8 stone blocks
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  16. Is your offer the one in grey text, or white? If it's the white one, I'd like to accept it :)
  17. It did
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  18. I can give you one wood block
  19. Both are offers ;) I'll throw the chest on your residence.
  20. I offer 5 Diamond Blocks