[Challenge] Trading a Paperclip to a House

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Smooshed_Potato, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Set up :)
  2. Here's a revival to this thread and challenge as I have made a new trade with adri799 (many thanks) of my 1 Stack Red Concrete, 1 Stack Orange Concrete, 1 Stack Yellow Concrete, 1 Stack Lime Green Concrete, 1 Stack Blue Concrete, and 1 Stack Purple Concrete for 9 Stacks of Bottles of Enchanting! Let me know if you have a proposition for a trade on any of the items in the OP!
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  3. I've got some regular golden apples I'll trade for everything you got :rolleyes: how's 6 stacks sound for the stuff?
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  4. That would be lovely :) I'll set up access for you in a couple days time!
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  5. Sorry for the late update! I had a dream or something where I replied to you, but I suppose I never did :oops: Access has been set up at /v Smooshed_Potato on smp3 :)
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  6. I had seen u did i checked the other day and put the apples in the chest!
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  7. Bump! I have 6 stacks of golden apples for trade!
  8. First trade of 2020! Big thanks to EfficiencyV for trading the 6 stacks of golden apples for an SC of iron blocks and a vault voucher! Please message me if you would like to trade :D
  9. I would be happy to trade ya a dc of shiny emerald blocks
    for those iron blocks and vault voucher :D
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  10. Deal! Setting up access at /v 6191 on smp3 :D
  11. And if you like, I would exchange you 1 Diamond Voucher for your dc of Emerald Blocks.
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  12. Sounds lovely! Very generous of you :) Access set up on residence 6191 on smp3 :D
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  13. Bump! I have a diamond supporter voucher for trade!
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  14. Wait, so you're just doing basically what Dwight did in the episode of The Office where he traded stuff around to get the telescope (and the the magic legumes)?
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  15. Pretty much that. The paperclip to a house guy was the iconic version that most audiences reach so it's the example I used.
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  16. Hey guys. Just an update. I still have the voucher, but have gone over the time limit I set for myself. I think i'll continue regardless so long as people still want to participate :) Just DM me if you're interested and have a great day!
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  17. I'll trade it for a DC of emerald blocks and a DC of max enchanted pickaxes :) Emeralds have gone down in value since the update :p
  18. Back to emerald blocks :eek:
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