Captcha is dumb.

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AmusedStew, May 3, 2015.

  1. CaptureVote.PNG
    Where is the musical instrument? LOL.
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  2. Bottom right. That's a piano.
  3. *AmusedStew is now EmbarrasedStew*
  4. I thought that was a bowling alley :oops:
  5. lol I fail so many captchas...
    But as said above *cough cough* bottom right :p

    Where have you been bowling? :eek: Just kidding
  6. But it beats the voting bots which is its main purpose.
  7. When you cannot see the forest, because of all the trees
    - happens to me all the time... :D
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  8. I always click the castle instead of the house. >.> I feel you stew.
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  9. that's awesome. now that you said bowling alley I can see that too kinda.
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  10. same
  11. Did not notice a piano until it was mentioned.

    I stared at that picture for like 5 minutes lol.
  12. Besides, at least the way I play it, a piano is in -no way- musical. I feel ya, Stew.
  13. No offense... honestly...

    But I'd be lying if... ok, sorry, but this had me laughing so badly ;)

    Though I can see where you're coming from.. somewhat. I'm biased anyway because I play keyboards, its second nature to me.

    But.. Enough fun: In general I do agree. Some captcha's are stupid. "Name the wild animals" and you see some birds and a lion. Birds can be considered wild animals too you know.. "Name the food" and you see a steak and something looking like yoghurt. What's the deal?

    Sometimes these are dumb.

    Hmm, bowling on my keyboard, I bet I could make a sound out of that one :p
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  14. My best guess is that the Volkswagen Beetle is the instrument.
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  15. I laughed more when I found out it was a piano.
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  16. I really hope all of the websites change to the new, easy Recaptcha.
  17. I'm afraid not. topg did and so did... the other which name I cannot recall, but they seem to have reversed it :confused:
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  18. What I learned from Captcha:

    1. Birds are not wild animals, they are "birds".
    2. Sharks are not wild animals (unless there just aren't any other pics of wild animals), they are "underwater".
    3. Spiders are "insects".
    4. People can still recognize a pre 1950's phone.

    And that keyboard did kinda look like a bowling alley :)