Can't sleep.

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  1. Hi for the past few days I've been unable to sleep at the right time. I want to fall asleep around 10pm to 12ish but when I try I can't fall asleep until like 4:00 - 6:00 am :( , I tried listening to music to fall asleep, I tried watching tv until i passed out, but nothing for me works. What do you do to fall asleep?
  2. I have a misty eucaluptus smell i put on my pillow before going to bed.
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  3. What do you mean? Like a juice that you spray onto the pillow?
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  4. Go out and run for a few minutes until you're exhausted. Exercise helps a lot; but it's very difficult to fall asleep when you start thinking in a lot of things after playing 124312342 hours with videogames.
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  5. Well it's 5:21 am , I don't think it's best to run at this time and even where I live where wolves can get you on the paths
  6. Then go out with boxing gloves and have fun with the wolves :p
    Now seriously, do any type of exercise until you fall asleep.
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  7. But I'm in my room, there is nothing to do in here
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  9. Ever thought of running in place in your room :p?
  10. Well my floor creeks since I'm on 2nd floor so I can't really move around much off the bed.
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  11. Do pushups on the bed!
  12. Try standing on your bed and run in place lol :p.
  13. But It sounds weird for me to randomly be doing push ups on my bed at night
  14. Punch yourself! :D

    Just kidding.

    Maybe it's just you have up to much, and you body has taken the "sleep" object of life too little. Have you been drinking coffee? That might be why, or tea, or anything that has Caffeine. That, could be the reason why. Also, have you tried to listen to orchestra music? I find it very helpful.

    That, or have you been falling asleep in the day originally? Like, in the morning and the afternoon. When I sleep in the morning and the afternoon, I have a lot of trouble falling asleep.

    I can't do much, but I can hope for the best. Hope this gets resolved.
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  15. Here is an interesting graph
  16. Exercise helps a lot... Give yourself 30-45 minutes no video games before going to sleep. Also, if you have an iPod or mp3, buy the jimmy buffet song that's 15 minutes long. Then turn it on, it's a quiet song and helps. If none of that helped, read, that calms you down a lot. I've had trouble sleeping in the past also.
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  17. Chascarrillo is right. Being physically tired helps your sleep quality, and generally lets you fall asleep faster. I used to when I was younger (I pretty much pass out when I hit the pillow now) always do push ups before I went to sleep - since as you said its always late and not really ideal conditions to go running.

    The other option is to tire out your mind by wearing it down on thinking of little details - as seen here.

    I've never really used the items they listed, but thinking about processes down to the core or doing a task in your head that will make your mind tired (even if only for a few minutes) can be the key.
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  18. I know it sounds stupid but I have something I have to do every night before going to sleep or I end up in the same predicament.

    I have the game Dragonvale on my phone and the racing game is extremely monotonous (tapping the screen when a line appears). After about 6 or so competitions, my reactions get slower and my eyes start drooping. Then I can go to sleep. If not, I'm up til 2-4 in the morning.

    p.s. I tried reading to see if it has the same effect but it didn't because the storyline was exciting and kept my brain engaged. Same thing goes for tv.
  19. Dragonvale is an addicting game.