Can't sleep.

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  1. Don't know where I found this but you know that spinny/swirly illusion thingy.Well , supposedly if you stare at it for half a minute straight , you fall gently asleep. :) don't know if this works but - worth a try ;)
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  3. i reccomend drinking a warm glass of milk it helps alot also try thinking about something you like and through that you will drift off to sleep
  4. Thats what i suggested:p And 3mg, too strong?! I sometimes have to take 3 of them. If its a bad night.
  5. I would like to add that it isn't a drug, it's a natural supplement and occurs naturally in your body. Just sayin' since a lot of people are on that "Drugs are bad and release horrible chemicals into my body." thing. You can get it at stores like GNC as well.
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  6. Yh i just couldnt think of the word lol,
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  7. Count sheep.

    And read the 6 hour documentary on the history of yarn :p
  8. I have the same problem :/
  9. Well it seems I am going to have to run till my legs fall off
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  10. Do 1000 mountain climbers on your bed.
  11. i have the same problem as you south. I go to bed at 9:30, and i just think. I think about my problems, about vatious things until i fall asleep.
  12. The worst thing you can do is get melatonin. People with ADHD - it calms them down. People who don't have ADHD? It makes them hyper.
  13. What's been going through your mind? Maybe something you're thinking of is keeping you awake.
  14. Yeah.
  15. I think it affects different people and disorders differently. I lived in a house with a friend and her family, they have two children on the autism spectrum. One is a Savant and would never sleep unless you gave him melatonin and he had to have three of whatever the dosage was and still laid there for a bit before he fell asleep. The other is on the opposite end and would be hyper all day but give him 1 pill and he's out like a light.

    My aunt's kids more than likely have nothing wrong with them except spoiled child syndrome and she gives it to them claiming they have ADHD and stuff.

  16. Like this thingy.
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  17. Heck, I just close my eyes and hope for the best.
  18. Haha, does it actually work for you?
  19. I play Plague Inc. for about 30 minutes, listen to music, and then my parents go to bed, and it's nice and quiet in the house and I close my eyes and hope for the best :p
  20. Best game ever.
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