Can't sleep.

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  1. Go get some Melatonin at a walmart or something like it. Its amazing.
  2. That is why I refuse to download it onto my phone xD

    I used to be like you when I had a foam pillow. It's really horrible. It made my neck feel stiff in the morning, the pillow was hard, and a few weeks ago I got one filled with wool. I fall to sleep much faster and wake up much earlier and having a comfy pillowcase has an effect too - I used to sleep for about 12 hours. Now it's (roughly) about 8-9 hours. I try to make my alarm wake me up so I get the right amount of sleep and wake up at an appropriate time.

    Also, Chascarrillo is right. Pushups or any exercise is really nice before bed, it tires you out. Also, refrain from drinking coffee/tea for about 2 hours before going to bed. This doesn't apply to me, as I only drink tea and it puts my hormones at ease and helps my body rest, which means I fall asleep faster.

    ...I wish wolves could get me on the paths instead of Foxes..I've been nipped by several puppies and a mother while walking home from the shop >.> Damn whatever King ordered wolves to be hunted to extinction in England.
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  3. Go for a shower/bath before you go to bed! It relaxes you
    Make sure there are no electronical devices by your bed, as using your phone will just distract you
    Also i know this sounds werid but try not to think of anything, think of a black screen xD
  4. But sometimes a shower will wake you up more than relax you, why do you think people have one in the morning?

    And just imagine you got a virus and have perma black screen but your mind is that black screen :D
  5. have a bath then
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  6. I watch the same movie I've seen more than like 300 times - The Avengers
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  7. My advice is to get as much sunlight as possible during the day (while avoiding sunburns - wear sunscreen if needed). Try to walk/bike/run or do some easy exercise at least one hour per day. Limit your computer time as much as possible, and don't use electronic devices with screens for one to two hours before bed (a good rule of thumb is to stop using them when it gets dark outside). Don't eat any large meals less than two hours before bed, and try to go for a day without listening to music. If you're having trouble with stray thoughts at night, try controlling them during the day - just be calm and push unnecessary thoughts out of the way whenever they pop up. In general, let the natural level of sunlight control your energy level, even if it means going to bed early for a few days. Once you get used to falling asleep easily, you can alter your sleep schedule to fit your needs.
    As for getting to sleep now, it depends on the person. Some people like to read until they're tired. Some people like catnip or chamomele tea - catnip tea is particularly well-known for making people sleepy. Above all, don't be negative about it, and tell yourself you can fall asleep. The hard truth is, there's a lot you can do to prepare yourself for sleep during the day, but less you can do right before bedtime.
    Good luck trying!
  8. I like to give myself a headache before I sleep.
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  9. Taking a extremely cold shower helps too :D
  10. I wouldn't last 2 seconds in an extremely cold shower :p
  11. I always put the water almost boiling lol.
  12. There has been a lot of good advice so far in the thread. I have spent my life with sleeping problems. Exercise after dinner - before it gets dark. A brisk walk or a few jumping jacks. Make sure you get enough (5 to 10 minutes minimum per day) sunshine during the day. If you find it hard to get outside try investing in a sun lamp. Try meditation. Not the practice of clearing your mine, but the practice of focusing your thoughts. I know the clear your mind thing does not work for me - so I try to focus my thoughts into a positive stream. I focus on my goals and things I want to accomplish.

    A few simple physical things you can do. Don't shower - this can be to stimulating. Instead run your hands under room temp./warm water. This helps draw any excess electricity out of your body. Avoid any caffeinated drinks in the evenings. Stop contact with electronic devices an hour or so before sleep. Make sure your sleeping arrangements are comfortable. If your pillow is old, get a new one. They need to be replaced every so often. After a while they loose their support. I recently invested in a 60 dollar pillow that was worth every cent. (but even the 10 dollar pillows work fine, but have to be replaced a little more often) If you have a double sided mattress that has not been flipped over in a while, do so. There are a lot of herbal things out there to try. Many in the form of teas. (decaffeinated!) Sometimes they help.
  13. Well exercise IS stimulating...
  14. Physical activity releases endorphins which are actually calming. Its why they recommend to people with anger problems to try to release anger through physical activity. It is more a release of stimulation.
  15. I have anger issues, and my mentor at school said I should try going on a walk or doing some sort of physical activity when people are making me angry. It usually works.
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  16. Exactly -

    Showers actually do the opposite. You have the water hitting your skin 100 times per second. You feel them all. So your having hundreds of extra sense transmissions heading for your brain.
  17. Didn't anyone tell you the count to 10 trick?
  18. My mum did. It doesn't work. I lose control before I reach 3.
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  19. But I feel way more stimulated when I exercise than when I take a shower.
  20. If you have trouble falling asleep, I would turn off the tv and phone and computer about 1-2 hours before you want to go to sleep, that can really help.