Calling Redditors!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Aikar, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Yay, social media integration!
  2. Alright. Posting now. We must bring in new members!
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  3. I just realized the Reddit name EmpireMinecraft was available, guess who snagged it :D
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  4. This needs to be on front page too.
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  5. i saw that comment :/
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  6. Don't you think it might be confusing if that belongs to non-staff?
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  7. I think it's best to post from a different account using copy and paste + delete, we don't want people thinking the server is referring itself pretending to be players :)

    Also heads up that upvoting any of the comment thread replying to Mr Anti-Supporterships gives it points too, which is bad :p
  8. ..I at least put -xHaro_Der at the end XD
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  9. I made an account just to post a comment :cool:
  10. Bump for more comments!
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  11. Why are people down voting your post? I think that you should probably make another account...
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  12. I sent Aikar the password, he can have it D:
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  13. I just posted. Reddit is always the second place I go after I check the EMC forum every morning.
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  14. Perhaps include the number of active players we have?
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  15. Even if you don't post anything, you should at least up vote the comments.
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  16. Only one who has put "Upvote" on this thread, shows a lot....

    Didn't comment, I like my reddit account Anonymous, no one knows it, people would know it's me if commented....

    Finally good to see EMC actually invading my homeland and getting members from it. Also, the vouchers.... I suggested this a while ago because of Reddit's "Give Gold"
    (No, you didn't see my voucher/give supporter idea on the forums, it was in the survey awhile ago Jack gave..)
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  17. Upvoted everything and commented. Have you considered forming an EMC subreddit? Not sure if it would really be necessary for anything since we have the forums, but would be fun at least.
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    I asked Jack to revamp a longgggg time ago
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