*c* The Mystery and Happy Halloween!

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  1. *c*
    That Mysterious *c*. It's appeared all in version update notes of recent! What does it mean?
    It's a chicken of course!

    chickeneer, who by the way was not a programmer 2 months ago AT ALL, hit the books and started learning programming to help me out with EMC development!
    Amazingly, he caught on like crazy and before you know it, he was in the EMC code and completing tasks!

    Every update log you saw with a *c* was work chicken did!
    So, welcome chickeneer "officially" to the development team!
    Since he is Senior Staff, his title will not change. However I am going to look into a "Role" level for people so we can have Rank + Role to show abilities, to then give Role titles to the Build Team, YouTubers and Contrib Team!

    Now, the primary reason we have waited until this longt to announce it is because Chicken is still in school and spending a lot of time on that. So he is helping as much as he can, but school is still his top priority.

    I'll probably stop tagging post with *c* now, and simply make the assignee on Track back public :) (I think Contrib members might have been seeing it.... so if so, thanks for not leaking it :))

    Happy Halloween!
    It's Halloween time! We had some bigger plans but the past week was literally destroyed in time with all the network issues we had, so we were unable to do them.

    But, we have taken last years promo, and made it even better!

    Chicken came up with an idea for yet another Item Flag, Wearable!
    A wearable item can be used as a "Hat" by simply right clicking it, giving us more options for promo items.
    So we made the Jack O Lantern wearable, so no pumpkin blur when wearing this.

    Like last year, this head will dispense 1 Haunted Candy
    This head does a little more though.... Equip it and find out!

    Then, to celebrate chickens new role, another item that hits home for chickeneer... The Spooky Egg!

    This special egg will float and move around! Due to game bugs, it makes chicken noises... but pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, It's an egg!

    ** NOTICE **
    There is a bit of a bug in this mob currently, will return to the shops at a later time.

    We can not guarantee that these eggs will stay out forever. Entity Limiter could kill it, or any other game bug. We've made reasonable efforts to keep them alive, but if it dies we CAN NOT replace it!

    Only purchase this egg if your willing to risk the money.

    Getting the promos!
    The Headless Horseman Mask is like last years promo, available to everyone by /promo halloween

    Simply log in and type /promo halloween and claim the item!

    The Spooky Egg, as well as more of the Headless Horsemen Mask can be purchased at /shop for 15,000 rupees.

    The egg is only purchasable from /shop, making it a higher value item after the promo ends.

    Haunted Candy!
    Like last year, Haunted Candy now will drop off monsters in the wild. So get to monster slaying to build up another supply of candy :)

    Targeting New Players: Don't do it!
    Again, as we said in the previous promo, please do not send PM's to new players asking to buy their promos.

    It is taking advantage of their lack of knowledge of EMC. You may set up buy signs, but give the details about promo items that they are a valuable item.

    Do not try to take advantage of players not knowing! Remember, they won't be too happy when they learned they got ripped off on price... So please stick to trading with people who know what the item is worth.
  2. I approve this message
  3. Happy Halloween!!
  4. This egg holds a special place in my heart, I will cherish the 64 that I just bought :)
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  5. Sweet! Thank you Chickeneer and Aikar both! as always, this server is the best!
  6. Now you spend the next 72 hours constantly in he wild killing mobs (just like last year) :p
  7. Wearing the Mask.
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  8. To the secret supporter Shangri-la server sunless skeleton spawning section shouldering special sponsoring SaintsDay squashes specifically seated scalping savvy substituted slickly substitutible subsidizing swinging swords!
  9. Is there a way to retrieve the egg once you spawn it?
  10. currently, the answer to that question would be no. Eggifying is disabled for custom mobs.
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  11. I would recommend not using the spooky eggs until we change something around with it. Temporarily closing up the shops on them.
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  12. Yay! Happy Halloween everyone! I'm glad I got to help in celebrating it with EMC this year in the form of SMP1's newest attraction! Be sure to enjoy your candy whilst exploring the recently updated Empire Graveyard!
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  13. Aah, so that was were the *c*'s were for.
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  14. New promo woop woop! Although I suggest a way to put it on a shop sign so that if they used it or not doesn't matter, as it is currently pretty impossible to get a working shop sign for this.
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  15. Now that I can put my mask on.
    Yay! Promo season! Yay! Chickeneer!
  16. Very very cool. Funny that this year's promo is a headless horseman mask because when I made my Halloween skin, I based it off of the headless horseman. :p
  17. Supercool promos and improvements on the Empire Graveyard. Happy halloween everyone!
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  18. Happy Halloween all! New role titles for the Built Team/YouTubers/Contributors etc? This sounds interesting... Good job on the new stuff, this Spooky Egg looks especially cool, I'll have to have a little look when it's back in shops!
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  19. Happy Halloween! And awesome job chickeneer :)
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