Graveyard Update

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  1. It's Almost Halloween!
    In the spirit of Halloween, the Build Team has created an awesome update to the Graveyard on smp1 to celebrate. Paying homage to the old graveyard, the new one follows a similar layout with major improvements AND we got rid of the coffin chests and flowing lava so the area should be less laggy than in the past.

    Visit /graveyard on SMP1 to see it and make sure to explore the catacombs =)

    The Old Graveyard:

    The New Graveyard:
  2. Ooooh, awesome! Great job all!
  3. This looks great, props to the Build Team on this one! Definitely going to check this out to see what it looks like for myself now! :D
  4. Fun Fact: Lava was placed into some of the holes in the old graveyard to combat chickens who fell into the grave holes. An excess of chickens of course originating from "egging."

    What was egging? Well, for quite some time throwing a chicken egg was not restricted to your residence. Meaning you could bombard other individual's residences with chickens without an entity limit. Causing a whole lot of lag for that player.
  5. OMG awesome!
  6. Oh poor old /tutorial...
  7. I assume this is our Halloween celebration event??

  8. Halloween is just getting started =)
  9. I hope you all enjoy exploring it as much as I enjoyed working on it :)
  10. Finally! A new graveyard! GG guys
  11. This sounds somewhat exciting... :D
  12. This came with a graveyard update right?
    Because looking at the mods' morbid sense of humor is hilarious.
    (Check those ban reasons)
    "Do you honestly kiss your moma with that dirty mouth?"
  13. No, those ban reasons were not appropriate and the staff has matured past that stage. In addition, the signs were lagging the area and there are too many banned members to name them all. Therefore, the idea of names on signs was removed.
  14. Going to explore it now. Thanks, Build Team + krysyy! :) The graveyard had become quite the ghost town. :p
  15. Best years of my life
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  16. Great job by the build team.
  17. Anyone have the moderngamer88 picture with the roller skate and the balogna
  18. Is there a way to search names there?
  19. Will check this out !! Also love all the mob gear in the wild ... Nice touch ...unless that is my imagination ..