Bye for a While EMC! [Real Goodbye]

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by wonderwoman_16, Nov 3, 2015.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you some bad news.. So, we had an internet safety thing today. She said stuff about how to be safe, and then it made me think: "What's the point of this, I mean I don't want to be captured.". So, I'm leaving Minecraft for a while. I'm also leaving because I think Minecraft is bored, and I have nothing to do in it anymore. So, this is my last thread. I'm unfollowing everyone, and deleting everything. Goodbye for a while, EMC.

  2. I think you took the internet safety class a little too harshly, you are to keep safe about your personal details, but that shouldn't stop you from having fun.

    But, if you're sure that Minecraft is definitely boring you now and you aren't going to come running back after two days again, then so be it. Good luck for the future, HKR.
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  3. Like she said, she told you how to be safe. If you follow what the instructor said, you'll never have an issue. As long as you use common sense and don't give out personal information over the internet such as your full real name, your address, phone number, etc you should never have an issue.

    Avoiding the internet because someone bad could happen is kinda silly, to be honest.

    But if you're really set on leaving (I agree Minecraft is getting boring), don't delete all if your things, on the forums or in-game. Trust me: you'll regret it.
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  4. I honestly wouldn't delete stuff on your profile. Biggest regret i have ever had; and following people again took ages.
  5. Okay, okay...

    I've had quite few Internet safety classes, and no offence to those teaching them, but I just don't get it. I frequently give out my home address to almost anyone I know. I have friends who live all over the U.S and the UK who know my home address. I understand that it may seem scary, but it is nothing to worry about. I was scrolling through my email from 2011 and I found an email requesting my account to be deleted on EMC by Justin Guy. However, it never ended up happening, luckily. Just make sure that you're not saying anything that might tell anyone anything you don't want them knowing and you are safe, m'dear.

    As for the Minecrafting becoming boring, just play. Now that I don't play MC as much, I miss it. Just take a short break and you'll be back in a flash. :)
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  6. Couldn't agree more. I think an internet safety class would be meant to make you more aware of what not to do on the internet and just to be careful, not to scare you away from using it entirely. However, if you have other reasons for leaving, then that's entirely your choice. I just hope you've taken some time to think it through before making this thread ;)
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  7. Deleting all of your site posts would be a mistake.
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  8. I think you took what they said way too far..

    So long as you aren't jumping on some random xat chat or something and handing out your address, you'll be fine lol. Communities like the Empire are perfectly A-OK to be on as long as you aren't giving out very sensitive information (like your address, full real name (first name is fine), or your phone number. I really think quitting this entire thing is an overcompensation of their advice, but you do as you please.
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  9. Agreed. Deleting everything I have on the Empire would make me regret it. You're taking Internet safety to the extreme here. Try not to make it more complicated than it needs to be.

  10. Hun,
    You shouldn't let that make you quit.
    As long as you don't give the following details out:

    Full name
    Family name
    Phone #
    Photos of yourself

    You'll be fine
    And as for location, if you say "I live/am from the US/Canada/Europe/etc" Its fine. For example, if you say:

    My name is Ashley , I am almost 14, and I live in Asia,

    It'll be hard to pinpoint you,
    and almost no-one on EMC is going to kidnap you

    or "capture." you, as you said.

    I'm probably younger/a bit older than you, and I know what to and what NOT to give out.

    You'll be fine,

    Sure, other sites are dangerous,
    but I doubt someone is going to make an account, pay 30 dollars, and then join a server full of adults to search out kids.
    Sure, it could happen,
    but its not something you should worry about.
    Just don't give out too much

    Just play it cool
  11. These school presenters for internet safety IMO have no idea wtf they're doing. If you have the least bit of common sense on the internet you will be 110% just fine. They make it sound like the internet is a cave full of pedophiles and predators when if you can just use your noggin and not click on that 50 year old to chat with and give your address to, nothing will ever happen to you..
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  12. Same at my school

    They will put things so out of proportion to say something like...

    Honestly it gets ridiculous.

    Society is society

    Some people take it so seriously that they will not take a step out the door without carrying a weapon / something to protect them

    But I'm honestly concerned because I don't want you to take the step to thinking out in the world EVERYONE is bad and that you can trust NO MAN

    because that is NOT true.

    Protect yourself in a reasonable place and make respectable decisions.

    Play it safe, but not too safe that it feels like you're surrounded by baby proofed items.

  13. Well... Bye Hellokittyro. I think you shouldn't delete all your stuff due to internet safety warnings. They say this is keep you safe but their really saying that you should use common sense and don't do things that your not sure on. Just don't give out any personal details you will be okay :)
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  14. Leaving EMC? HelloKittyRo, your really leaving just because of some internet safety warning? You know, if you follow all the stuff they said and be careful, you don't have to leave. Honestly, I think your taking things way too seriously. This is silly, your really gonna delete all your stuff and unfollow people just because of a warning?

    Like Frostbrewed said, "Play it safe, but not too safe that it feels like you're surrounded by baby proofed items."
  15. Bye. We are all hoping that you come back to EMC one day.
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  16. Final message: You wanna know why I am really qutting everyone? Well, I got promoted to be one of the best students in the world to become a math finalest! Guys!!! I love math. I'm leaving so I can devote my 3 years to that. I'll see all in 3 years. I'm currently making my dream come true. This is the truth of why I'm leaving. When I came back, I wanted to suprise you. The stuff I put in the thread is try too, but this is more true to me. Guys, this is a big deal for me! I love math. Please, understand me. Anyways, this was the final message for 3 years. I will see you then!
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  17. Good luck with that.
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  18. Good luck on that... plus, I don't think a "math finalest" is a real job, since I have never heard of it.
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